*This* OG Vegetable Juice Is Having a Serious Moment—Here’s Why

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Before entering this new normal of everyday life (read: staying inside your home 90 percent of the time), fresh fruits and veggies were grocery-list standards, with little room for the canned stuff.

But as we've all gotten comfy with this new lifestyle, stocking up on shelf-stable products has become a necessity in keeping up our wellness goals during this weird time. Before you file this trend solely under the canned corn, peas, and other "nah, I'm good" pantry staples that have made their way back into your cart, though, hold up. There's been a resurgence of one canned must-have that's a totally welcome one: V8®, which is here to make sure your at-home wellness routine doesn't fall flat.

"People have a new appreciation for keeping their fridge and pantries stocked right now," says Lindsay Watts, RDN and V8 nutritionist. "V8 Original® can be a satisfying snack or a convenient way to fit in an extra serving or two of vegetables." Plus, since this vegetable juice goodness comes in a can, it's way easier to load up on, so you can limit the amount of trips you make to the store.

To give you a little refresher, sugary juice this is not. V8 has a satisfyingly savory flavor, without the too-sweet aftertaste. If you do want to give it a little oomph, Watts suggests adding a dash of your fave hot sauce, lemon zest, or sprinkling in another seasoning you like—so basically, permission to go wild.

Keep scrolling for a low-down on even more vegetable juice benefits this RD wants you to know.

Veggie juice vs. smoothies

If you have an internal bias against juice in favor of smoothies, let's talk. According to Watts, fruit and veggie smoothies can be overloaded with fruit purees, added sugars, and excess calories. Who else has ordered what they thought was wellness in a glass but ended up sending you straight into an afternoon crash?

Unlike a smoothie that could be loaded with unwanted extras, V8 Original has no added sugar, and contains a full serving of veggies in every can. "V8 Original is all about helping you fit in more vegetables deliciously and conveniently," Watts adds. Remember this the next time you're hangry and need a snack, like, immediately.

Shelf stable = yes please

Of course, buying fresh veggies is preferable when you plan to use them to whip up a recipe within the next couple of days. However, if you're at home (and not looking to leave any time soon), a canned vegetable juice benefits you as a long-lasting option.

"V8 is shelf stable, and the canning process helps the vegetables maintain their nutrients and antioxidant levels longer," Watts says. "Depending on how it is packaged, a fresh-pressed juice can be more sensitive to nutrient loss and have a shelf life of only a day or two."

Not to mention, the convenience factor comes in clutch when your motivation for meal-prep isn't at an all-time high. "You never know when you’re going to need to fit in an extra serving of vegetables, so you don’t have to worry about it spoiling in your bag or going bad within days in your fridge," Watts adds.

Nutritional perks

Answer truthfully: Do you eat the daily recommended amount of veggies every day? (Same.) V8 vegetable juice provides a full serving of veggies in every 5.5-ounce can with only 30 calories, so it's the easy way to get in these nutrients without doing all the prep work, says Watts.

V8 Original is also a source of vitamins A and C, and contains lycopene—a red carotenoid found in tomatoes with antioxidant properties—to round out its veggie powerhouse status, according to Watts. We'll let you go load a case into your grocery cart now.

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