With Venus in Aries, You’re Due for a Fiery Dose of Bravery This Week

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With Imbolc (aka Candlemas), the halfway point between the last solstice and the upcoming equinox, happening on Sunday, February 2, the month kicks off with an invitation to settle into the opportunities this midseason moment presents. Simultaneously, on this cross-quarter day, we're able to set our sights on what's yet to come into fruition, centering ourselves in the light of our home amid the continued darkness of this time of year.

Imbolc asks us to commit to the actions, goals, and dreams we most want to cultivate as we come closer to the season of growth around the corner. More specifically, it's important to check in with our bodies in this heart of winter, introspecting about how we can better nourish ourselves so we don't merely endure the remaining cold months but rather thrive.

What does your body need? How does your skin feel? How can you deeply heal yourself? To fortify yourself from the inside out, consider what you can gain by providing yourself with broths, stews, and other easy-to-digest foods. Don't underestimate the power of hydration, either. And if you're prone to symptoms of the winter blues, be sure to supplement with sufficient vitamin D. Also, take diligent care of your skin, perhaps even scheduling a facial. You can't over-pamper yourself right now.

Venus wants you to lean into your beauty routine this week

From an astrological perspective, on February 2 and 3, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, sextiles Saturn and Pluto's conjunction. This combination of Venus in Pisces sextiling Saturn and Pluto asks you to bring even more beauty to your daily routines and rituals.

She also helps you to understand the lesson(s) associated with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction: What is Saturn, the great disciplinarian, asking you to commit to? What is Pluto, the planet of destruction and rebirth, calling you to surrender and grieve? What impact are the combined forces of these two heavy-hitting planets on having on your spiritual development? (Remember, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that happened last month reverberates throughout the year, so we will feel it for the foreseeable future.)

There's a strong motivating vibe, thanks to all the planetary action in fire signs, like Venus in Aries

On February 3, Mercury exits Aquarius and enters into mutable water Pisces. As he does, he also sextiles Uranus, which represents revolution and the need to disrupt the status quo. This combination of Uranus and Mercury helps you to uncover vital mind-set hacks that support new thinking and ways of approaching life. Consider your values and what drives you as an individual. Commit to how you align with what truly motivates you in life.

The good news is that on February 6, Mars in Sagittarius makes a trine to the planet of discord, Eris in Aries, adding up to a powerhouse of planetary action in fire signs that increases courage, tenacity, and bravery. So prepare to feel motivated, and consider leaning into exercise as a way of fueling your passion.

Though Venus in Aries isn't the position where the planet is at her best, she offers you an aggressive dose of bravery. Use it to your advantage and ask for what you need.

Speaking of fire, on February 7, Venus leaves Pisces and enters into Aries, which unleashes her ferocity. The planet of love and beauty travels in Aries through early March, so you have all month to feel her heat. Though Venus in Aries isn't the position where the planet is at her best, she offers you an aggressive dose of bravery. Use it to your advantage and ask for what you need.

The theme of fire continues on, especially during the full moon in Leo at 2:33 a.m., EST, on February 9. At 20 degrees of Leo, the moon trines Mars in Sagittarius and Eris in Aries, igniting a grand trine in the element of fire, uplifting the mood. Tune in to your courage and desire to take brave and bold action, as Leo, the sign of the lion, invites you to roar.

Meanwhile, Venus conjoins Chiron in Aries, asking all of us to reflect on where ego holds back our healing. This cosmic hot spell delivers the capacity to dive deep into our own heart and pull out gold. Consider where you can tap into the spirit of play, joy, and your childlike essence to have a higher capacity and sense of resilience for the challenges at hand.

Everything unfolding at the time of this full moon provides context for what's on tap when Mercury goes retrograde on February 17. Tune in, and take note. Nothing is happening by accident. Take a step back and digest what's right before your eyes—your cosmic curriculum will feel apparent and clear.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women’s health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 

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