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How to Make the Most of the Venus in Retrograde Meaning for Your Zodiac Sign

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After last week's powerful Scorpio flower moon, our attention now turns toward the commencement of a full-on retrograde season. The week ahead brings Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus in retrograde, meaning the universe is asking us to slow our roll even more. (I know, how slow can we go given that many of us are self-isolating in lockdown? But we can, and we should.)

The week begins with Mercury, the planet of communication, making a promising angle to Jupiter right before Mercury moves into Gemini on Monday. Mercury in Taurus, trining Jupiter in Capricorn (on May 10, Mother’s Day) heralds good news and positive communication.

To utilize Mercury's auspicious connection to Jupiter and Saturn, spend time cultivating positive thoughts. Recite an affirmation or two. Develop a vision for where you'd like to head. Ask for help from both the people in your life, as well as the Divine. You have a spiritual connection and practice prayer, be sure to nurture this now.

On Monday, Saturn also begins his retrograde journey. Over the next eight weeks, the planet of discipline and lord of karma, Saturn, will retrace his steps, moving back into Capricorn on July 1. During this time, we'll cement our preview of what Saturn in Aquarius will bring (hello, significant changes to work culture, and new norms regarding working from home.)

Then on Wednesday, both Venus and Mars take their positions for now through the end of June. Venus' retrograde begins while Mars, the planet of action, leaves Aquarius and enters into Pisces. Mars will travel in Pisces for the duration of the Venus retrograde. When Venus stations direct on June 25, Mars exits Pisces, entering into Aries on June 27.

The main Venus in retrograde meaning is to consider what we love and why we love it. Themes of communication, writing, networking, friendships, and sibling dynamics will be up for review.

The main Venus in retrograde meaning is to consider what we love and why we love it. Since this happens in Gemini, the themes of communication, writing, networking, friendships, and sibling dynamics will be up for review. Additionally, so will love and all things appearance. Mars in Pisces brings a softer emphasis, encouraging empathy, and spiritual development. That said, we can expect the next eight weeks to bring relationship dynamics to the forefront of our lives.

Come Thursday, Jupiter—the planet of good luck, good fortune, and growth—stations retrograde in Capricorn until September 12, helping us to cultivate positivity and further extract the lessons of what we just went through. The week ends with the sun making powerful trines to both Pluto and Jupiter. Though both are retrograde, Jupiter and Pluto bestow auspicious powers, as they make their trine to the sun in Taurus.

So, pay attention to that what you want to call into your life. And to help you make sense of it all, below find the Venus in retrograde meaning for your sun sign.

Below, learn the Venus in retrograde meaning for each sun sign


Conjure loving vibes before communicating hurt feelings. Take your time to center yourself when approaching difficult conversations, and listen deeply. With Mars in your 12 house of spiritual development, cultivate your inner knowing. At the end of June, Mars enters Aries for the remainder of the year. That's a lot of power coming your way, so get ready.


It's all about the money, honey. With your ruling planet going retrograde, take care of financial matters, first. Maximize your budget by eliminating unnecessary spending, and then splurge on something beautiful for yourself. Mars will activate your manifesting mojo.


With Venus retrograde happening in your sun sign, now's the time to commit to your most sincere personal and professional goals. Venus catalyzes your desire for beauty. But this is not the time for a makeover of any kind. Nip critical self-talk in the bud and accentuate what's working. Meanwhile, Mars in your 10th house helps make good on your professional promise.


Your nurturing nature will be primed to receive much-needed information through the most subtle realms. Your psychic prowess will come alive over the next six weeks, so trust your vibes and follow your instincts. You know what's right. This is an excellent time for reading spiritual books and attending online virtual workshops that help you expand your intuitive capacities.


Friends, networking, leadership: These are the critical themes for you to play with over the next six weeks. Embrace your curiosity, conjure your command, and power up your manifesting mojo. You are magnetic when it comes to calling in what you want. At the same time, you can also make quite a bit of money now. Pay close attention to contracts coming your way.


Your professional goals need refinement, but with enough elbow grease, you will surely take flight. You are so close to your dream come true, so stay diligent and focused. Those closest to you will support you. Though you may feel a negative response from adversaries, don't let that stop you.


With your ruling planet going retrograde, dive deep into your values. What do you need to shift in your life so you can be more authentic and aligned? Now's not the time to get caught up in superficial pursuits. Your mantra? Go deep or go home!


Do you feel tuned in and turned on? If not, why? Now's the time to nourish your erotic being. Do what feels good, and try to let the rest go. Venus, in her retrograde, supports you in finding your most profound sense of pleasure. Your erotic nature fuels your imagination and your power.


Take note of what's coming up for you in your romantic partnerships now. Do you feel safe, supported, and understood? If not, what needs to shift? Not in a romantic partnership? Pay close attention to what unfolds over the next six weeks. Your main Venus in retrograde meaning might help you understand what's holding you back.


Do your health routines and daily life feel exciting, full of life, vibrancy, and juicy energy? If the answer is no, now's the time to make appropriate changes. As Venus tours your solar sixth house of daily routines, she wants to bring luscious energy to your everyday life. Let her. Switch up your habits and focus on cultivating love and beauty. You may even want to introduce a daily journaling practice.


Put your attention on fun, romance, and joy. Venus' retrograde spin in your fifth house of creativity supercharges your capacity to play. Reinvigorate the artist within and get crafty. Now's the time ignite your inner provocateur, but stay mindful with spending, as you might find more going than what's coming in.


With Mars in your sun sign, you have you are ready to go. Pay close attention to the opportunities coming your way both professionally and personally. Home, family, decoration will also call your attention as Venus, the planet of love and beauty, goes retrograde in your fourth house of home and family. You are going to want to make significant changes. But go slow and stay disciplined.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women’s health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 

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