Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s Breakup Was Pretty Much Written in the Stars

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Lightning-speed celebrity engagements were undoubtedly the hottest trend of the summer. No matter whether you buy the love stories (I believe you, Nick and Priyanka!), the relatively low-stakes, positive storylines about star-crossed stars is a nice change of pace from the dumpster fire of all the other news as of late. But, womp, womp: All good things must come to an end. Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, who kicked the whole thing off with a pre-engagement courtship that tallied, like, a handful of business days in June, have reportedly called it quits.

When I spoke with astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss back in July about this wild group sprint to the altar, she called it. Most of the summer, Mars was in retrograde, and it went direct on August 27, about the time Weiss predicted Davidson and Grande's union in particular would crumble. "It seemed like with them specifically, it was all about libido, desire, and sexual want, and Mars was driving that," she says. "So I assumed when Mars went direct, there would be some clarity and they'd think, 'What are we doing?'" Well, here we are on October 15, and while Weiss was a bit ahead of schedule, there might be another way to account for the slightly extended breakup timeframe we're seeing.

"Venus is the ruler in love, relationships, romance, attraction, and money," astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss says. So, with Venus in retrograde, all of those traits dim. 

In the first week of September, the Venus retrograde shadow opened, which is especially significant given Davidson's chart. "Venus is the ruler in love, relationships, romance, attraction, and money," she says. Since Davidson's natal Venus is Scorpio (which refers to where the planet was when he was born), he can skew intense in relationships. Yet, with Venus in retrograde, these traits start to dim.

Furthermore, things go literally retrograde in this configuration—meaning you can expect to hear from exes. The recent death of Grande's ex Mac Miller is a tragic manifestation of this idea. While Grande may well be mourning the loss, no matter the current planetary alignment of the universe, Weiss contends the implications of the artist's emotions might be stronger now.  "Venus retrograde is all about the past, exes, who you were in relationships before," Weiss says. (Sound familiar to any Jelena shippers following reports that Justin Bieber isn't over Selena Gomez despite his marriage to Hailey Baldwin?)

Even if the future is written in the stars (especially if we keep listening to the apparently prophetic Weiss), only time will tell for sure what transpires for all these hopeful romantics. But, hot tip: Weiss says once Venus goes direct on November 16, there could be another chapter for Davidson and Grande. And who knows, maybe another flash-in-the-pan engagement or two just in time for the holidays. Here's hoping.

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