Venus and the Moon Will Share a Smooch Tonight—Here’s What That Means for Your Own Love Life

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I often wonder how we would distract ourselves from the trials of modern life without astrology which, fortunately, offers endless opportunities to (literally) space out. Tonight the skies are doing their best to attract our attention by showcasing a "kiss" between Venus and the crescent moon.

Just after sunset on Thursday, Venus will appear to touch the moon. I say appear, because in actuality they will be nowhere near one another; the moon is 249,892 miles away from Earth whereas Venus is more like 84 million miles away. But love keeps them together.

So what does this apparent celestial kiss mean for your own love life? Intuitive astrologer and healer Rachel Lang explains that the moon and Venus are, astrologically speaking, "good friends," so when they conjoin, we tend to feel more positive about our relationships and experience a stronger desire to connect to one another. "[This event] means romance, passion, and pleasure," she says, noting that Venus is actually the planet of pleasure.

It's also good for our individual wellbeing which, of course, will positively influence your relationships, too. "The moon represents our emotions and internal state of equilibrium, so if you are normally prone to self criticism, fear, or worry, this transit offers you a reprieve," says Lang. "It is important to remember, though, that many of the difficulties you might face in relationships, like not feeling seen, harboring resentment, or feeling out of your power, all start with how much you value yourself. If you value if you value, respect, and love yourself, others will follow suit." In other words, today is all about putting your own oxygen mask on first in order to best service the greater good of your relationship.

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What a celestial kiss between Venus and the moon means for your love life, based on your sign

Fire signs

The moon and Venus are both in Aries, a fire sign, so this should energize members of this zodiac category today. "With Venus in a fire sign, it’s a great date night, but remember to keep your focus on enjoying one another," says Lang. "Venus in her opposite sign inspires passion, but you could have a short fuse."

Air signs

Air signs might want to get chatty tonight, says Lang. "You’ll likely have a gentle way with words and if you use the influence wisely, you could say things that make a lasting impression," she explains. "For Libra, however, this influence happens in your opposite sign and because of this, you could likely want to take extra time for self-care or you may be led into some 'therapeutic' shopping or eating. Lang offers an alternative outlet that could double as a intimacy exercise for you and your sweetheart. "[This event] is also supportive for decorating your home," she says.

Water signs

"In general, water signs tend to be more sensitive to energetic shifts, whether they’re aware of them or not—water is the element associated with emotions and intuition," says Lang, who notes that this may leave you feeling more tender and sentimental today than usual. "This is an influence that will help you feel freer within relationships and more balanced as well." This is especially true for ruled-by-the-moon Cancers, though she issues a word of caution to these folks. "The Aries energy can spark to a chain reaction, and you want to avoid going down a rabbit hole of negative or judgmental thoughts," she says. "Stay in a positive mindset."

Earth signs

This transit is going to heighten your senses, which might make this a good night for a fancy dinner date followed by a sweet dessert; however, your insatiable appetite won't surface only in restaurant settings. "You might feel a little moody if your physical needs aren’t being met appropriately," says Lang. Self-care is also a priority today, which means finding a healthy outlet for your stress (perhaps the same one that will get your physical needs met?) and expressing yourself freely to your significant other.

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