Your Partner’s Venus Sign Is Like a Blueprint for Relationship Success—Here’s How To Use It

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Astrological compatibility may be a thing, but it's far more complicated than many realize. For example, one super-common mistake many make, is only considering sun signs. According to astrologer Kyle Thomas,  Venus sign compatibility is what's really important to consider in a potential partner.

“This is the zodiac sign that our goddess planet of love and beauty was in at our moments of birth,” says Thomas. “In astrology, this ties to love, relationships, and intimacy. It gives insight into what you value, your style, tastes, and how you show and seek affection.” Since your Venus sign provides intel about what you need in order to feel loved in a relationship, it’s essentially a blueprint to help you feel satisfied with your partner. While knowing your own Venus sign can be illuminating, knowing your partner's can be informative and helpful for preventing misunderstandings and arguments.

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To learn your partner’s Venus sign, enter their birth info (time of birth is not necessary) into a natal chart generator like this one. Then, keep reading to get intel on how to optimize your Venus sign compatibility by best catering to those needs.

Ready to use Venus sign compatibility for relationship success? Check out what each sign needs below.

Aries: Intensity

“People with their Venus in Aries crave passion and intensity in their love life,” says Thomas. Since Aries is often cited as the most impulsive sign in the Zodiac, these rams usually aren’t afraid to jump right in and may be quick to fall in love.

But they may also be a little selfish, never hesitating to put their needs first. If you’re dating an Aries Venus, you need to be able to feed your partner’s sense of excitement and go along for the ride—even if you don’t want to.

Taurus: Comfort

Taureans can be homebodies and love the finer things in life. “Someone whose Venus is in Taurus may even be a hopeless romantic,” says Thomas. “Courtship is very important to them, and they may enjoy taking a slower approach to dating.”

If you’re involved with a Taurus Venus, know that they desire comfort, stability, and security above all else. They need a partner who wants to indulge in passion and pleasure, but isn’t in a hurry to love.

Gemini: Communication

Chatty Geminis need communication above all else in relationships in order to feed their mind and challenge them to experience new things together, says Thomas. “With a Venus in Gemini, your partner desires an intellectual and mental connection, especially one where you can both articulate and discuss your feelings in depth.”

Cancer: Sentimentality

“If you’re dating a Cancer Venus, it’s important to understand that they don’t take risks in love easily, as it is harder for them to let down their [walls] and be vulnerable,” says Thomas. “It is harder for them to embrace casual dating, as they prefer stability and commitment.”

They crave security in relationships and prioritize emotional unions, so it’s important they allow their vulnerable side to come out. They need a partner who will feed their sentimental side, provide them with lots of TLC, and be loyal.

Leo: Luxury

“When one’s Venus is in Leo, they crave bold and theatrical love,” says Thomas. “Your partner will hunger to receive big and over-the-top romantic gestures.” The good thing is that they can be highly affectionate, generous, and passionate in romance, but they do require a great deal of admiration from others to stroke their ego. “A Leo Venus needs a partner who will indulge their whims and see the relationship as super special,” elaborates Thomas.

Virgo: Dependability

A Virgo Venus can take a more practical, analytical, and logical approach to relationships. “They are certainly affectionate, doting, and nurturing, but it takes them a while to open themselves up to others,” says Thomas.

They require trust in their connections in order to open up and can at times be prone to trying to fix others. “They need a partner who has a pure heart and solid character above all else,” stresses Thomas.

Libra: Romantic gestures

“A Libra Venus is a true romantic to the core,” says Thomas, who elaborates that they desire to be surrounded by beauty. They need peace, diplomacy, and harmony in all of their relationships.

“Your partner may be prone to keeping the peace and going with the flow in order to not rock the boat,” he continues, stressing that these balanced signs need a partner who will take the lead, but also make them a priority.

Scorpio: Intimacy

“When your partner’s Venus is in Scorpio, they crave passion, intensity, and intimacy,” says Thomas. “They can be all or nothing when it comes to love, and require a union that is not just physical, but also strong on a soul level.” It’s important to note that a Scorpio Venus may be especially possessive in love, and they can find it hard to be vulnerable, even if they may want to be. They need grounding and intimacy most of all so that they feel comfortable sharing their deepest and darkest feelings.

Sagittarius: Spontaneity

“A Sag Venus craves adventure, spontaneity, and excitement in relationships,” says Thomas. “They tend to be open to new experiences, and can at times be fine with casual unions, as long as it brings them spice and stimulation!” There can be a fear of settling down with this placement, which is why they need a partner who isn’t too controlling or demanding, as they can feel enslaved when things start to get monotonous.

Capricorn: Commitment

“If your partner’s Venus is in Capricorn, they value consistency, commitment, and longevity in relationships,” says Thomas. “They can be a very practical and strategic lover, and will desire to have a partner who helps support their goals and future.” However, they will only open their heart to someone if it seems like a wise investment, since they’re known to play the long game in love and often like to build a home and family with someone. To win a Capricorn Venus over, you have to prove that you have what it takes to provide stability, security, and commitment… so forget about playing games—ever.

Aquarius: Mental stimulation

“Since a Venus Aquarius is highly intellectual in relationships, your partner may appear aloof or detached at times," says Thomas. "This is because they require a deep mental connection with the person they are with."

They’re not prone to be especially romantic in the obvious sense, so for them, communication and the pursuit of new horizons is key for a serious partner.

Pisces: Grounding

“If your partner’s Venus is in Pisces, they crave romance that is emotional, sensitive, and creative,” says Thomas. “They tend to always have a crush and can get lost in a fantasy, which means they are often prone to rose-colored glasses when it comes to dating. They can easily get carried away in the seas of their emotions and feel everything to the core of their soul.” For this reason, your Pisces Venus will need a partner who will not only stir up the powerful feelings inside, but also help them stay grounded when their head is in the clouds (which can be, um…often).


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