What Your Venus Sign Means for Your Personal Style and Design Preferences

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Have you ever looked in your closet and thought, huh, I have a lot of structured blazers or wow, all of my clothes are black, or seems like I can't have too many pairs of sneakers, I guess? Or maybe you're someone who gravitates toward specific types of environments, like a cozy restaurant with textured walls and velvet couches rather than an open-air seafood joint with shiplapped walls and color-blocked art. Whether you find yourself identifying with a personal aesthetic or at home in a certain environmental setting, or both, you can thank your Venus sign for these style cues.

Named for the goddess of love, art, beauty, and culture, this celestial body in your natal chart identifies what you appreciate in the world. It's often connected to your romantic relationships, but that's not all you can learn from your Venus sign; the planet's energy also contributes directly to your personal style.

Read on to find out more about your fashion and aesthetic identity, according to your Venus sign. (Not sure what your Venus sign is? Enter your birth time, date, and location into an online chart generator, like astro-charts.com to find out).

Below, learn about your Venus sign style, and how it may inform your fashion and design preferences.

Venus in Aries

You are attracted to edgy, attention-grabbing styles. Odds are, you can pull off any new trend with unwavering confidence, and your closet has at least one major statement piece in it. Your fashion icon is Rihanna, whose Venus in Aries has informed her trendsetting look and Fenty empire.

Venus in Taurus

As one of the signs Venus rules, you value how things feel first and how they look second. Attracted to comfort, soft textiles, and luxury, your style is earthy (and rich). Look to Jessica Alba as your style icon, whose grounded vibe has translated into her stunning home.

Venus in Gemini

Variety and versatility are your style keywords. Playing with patterns and changing your wardrobe often will keep your interest. You may love fashion rental services like Rent the Runway, because they allow you to keep your look fresh all the time. You also love an accent wall, so get a fun wallpaper, and soak up the Gemini in Venus style vibes from fashion chameleon Lizzo, who shares your Venus sign.

Venus in Cancer

You love a layered, demure approach to fashion. Think of drawing the eye inwards; your outer shell leads you to value intricate (and most likely expensive) lingerie, for instance. You also have a sentimental side, so family heirlooms belong on your body and in your home. Your style icon is Zendaya.

Venus in Leo

Turning heads isn’t necessarily your intention, but you can’t help it! Your bold personality leads you to extravagant outfits (and home decor choices) that allow you to flex your design preferences. Emily Ratajkowski is your Venus Leo queen; she looks like a million bucks when she walks her dog.

Venus in Virgo

You take “put together” to a whole other level. Opting for a tailored neutral or organic fabric, you know what works and make sure the details are impeccable. Know you can push the envelope with what you choose to tailor; whether it's a pair of jeans or a new slipcover, the fit is everything. Your Virgo Venus style icon Tracee Ellis Ross certainly knows this.

Venus in Libra

Venus is your ruler and therefore you value what she stands for—beauty, art, culture. In other words, there's a good chance you’ve framed at least one Vogue cover. Your style icon is the always-decked-out Hailey Bieber, who’s thoughtful and chic in her fashion choices.

Venus in Scorpio

We can catch you, Scorpio Venus, using your style as a form of mood expression. Your outfits and homes are reflective of your essence, and that's with intention since it means you won’t have to utter a word to communicate your preferences. You're the personification of a “come hither, but back off” slinky silk dress with a leather jacket. Nicole Richie is a Venus in Scorpio whose attitude is alluring yet simultaneously says, "don't touch me."

Venus in Sagittarius

Hey, where’d you get that, Sagittarius Venus? Oh, in a vintage shop in Rome? Of course you did. Known for your adventurous side, you value beautiful pieces that have their own story, including where they came from, what they mean to you, and what you experience while wearing them. One-of-a-kind pieces are definitely your vibe. Look to your Sagittarius Venus sister Kendall Jenner for inspiration.

Venus in Capricorn

You’re known for your prudent, utilitarian, structured wardrobe. Your major concern is the quality, long-lasting nature of your pieces, so you’re definitely not interested in environment-compromising fast-fashion pieces. That said, you can still have fun; remember that pink jacket you have? And while you may not always push the envelope, you do push that amazing jewelry collection. Irina Shayk is your Capricorn Venus counterpart.

Venus in Aquarius

Your style is endlessly unique, cutting edge, and individualistic. “Why can’t you wear a sneaker with a dress?” said you, 10 years ago. With that in mind, you're known for being ahead of your time, and the rest of us look to you for the future trends. Your Aquarius Venus style icon is the woman who helmed J.Crew for years, Jenna Lyons.

Venus in Pisces

A mermaid walks among us! Your style is dreamy, poetic, and devastatingly romantic. Your hopeful optimism and effervescence is just what the world needs now, so wear the hell out of that tulle dress. Your Pisces Venus style icon is Shay Mitchell.

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