The Venus Sun Conjunction This Week Asks You To Consider How, Specifically, You’ve Evolved Since June 2020

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Sunday kicks off with Venus, the planet of love and beauty, moving into Aries, the same sign the sun now travels in. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, heralds in the zodiacal new year and a fresh start, and Venus's emergence in this sign (something we haven't experienced since March 4, 2020) doubles down on Aries's ambitious energy, calling us to focus on ourselves, our health, and our goals while revitalizing a sense of adventure. Over the week ahead, we'll be deep in Aries's trenches as the auspicious Venus sun conjunction forms.

Sunday also brings other exciting astrological weather: Mars, Aries's ruler, makes a luscious trine to Saturn, which helps us to solidify our vision for what's next in our life. Meanwhile, Mercury in Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus on this same day. Mars trining Saturn (both in air signs) helps mobilize a fresh perspective as we digest the emerging horizons now becoming more visible. Likewise, Mercury's soothing angle to Uranus helps us synthesize our emotional needs in the context of change. All of this combined makes Sunday an ideal time to anchor into your vision for the season (and the year ahead).

That said, the moon reaches its waxing quarter phase Sunday at 10:40 a.m., ET. A waxing quarter moon illuminates the obstacles on our path to realizing previously set intentions. It's a significant turning point, and it highlights where to put your focus. So, pay attention to what's coming up, and pivot as needed.

Traveling in Cancer until 5:56 p.m., ET, on Tuesday, the moon calls our attention to our safety and security. Because of this, Monday and Tuesday will likely feel emotional, especially since Tuesday highlights Mercury's square to Mars. Mercury in Pisces, making a challenging angle to Mars in Gemini, amplifies our emotional intelligence but simultaneously may also feel cranky.

Aries is a sign that's not afraid to express anger, and as we acclimate to spring (liver season in Chinese medicine), we are asked to tend to the "seat of anger" within. Remember, anger is a healthy emotion. It shows us where our boundaries have been violated and helps mobilize us so we can protect ourselves when we are in danger by pointing us in the direction of the changes we need to make.

While anger certainly has its downsides, it's a necessary emotion, especially when suffering from bouts of depression symptoms. So if you have found yourself slugging through situational or chronic depression, perhaps this season of Aries will support a breakthrough. To facilitate this, let yourself get angry and channel that energy into an action, like working out, pounding pillows, dancing wildly, letting someone know why and how they hurt your feelings, or asserting a boundary. Take some time to tune into your body and consider what you body is asking of you now, with the seasonal shift here. Perhaps it's less caffeine, more sweat, lighter foods, more greens, or another change in your self care plan. Small acts add up, and leaning into the cycles of nature helps.

The superior Venus sun conjunction marks the halfway point between Venus's last retrograde (which happened mid-2020) and her upcoming retrograde, set to occur at this year’s end.

Come Thursday night or Friday morning (depending on where you are in the world), we have another crucial astrological event to pay close attention to. The superior Venus sun conjunction marks the halfway point between Venus's last retrograde (which happened mid-2020) and her upcoming retrograde, set to occur at this year’s end.

Think back to June 3, 2020, (the inferior Venus sun conjunction), and consider what emerged for you. Since then, we've collectively been working on a particular iteration and expression of our values, which makes sense, considering that June 2020 beckoned a significant racial reckoning for white people in the aftermath of George Floyd's death and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States. How have you and your life changed since then? How can you deepen insights that began to emerge at that time now? Who are you becoming at this moment? What can you do to step up on behalf of positive change even more?

From an astronomical perspective, the superior Venus sun conjunction occurs when the sun is directly between Venus and the Earth. The alignment between Venus, the sun, and the Earth presents a crucial turning point in Venus’s orbit around the sun. After this Venus sun conjunction, she'll gradually make her way to being visible in the night sky (she'll be visible at night starting in mid-April).

When Venus is visible at night, she is known as the “evening star” and holds a very different meaning than when she's visible in her “morning star” position. (Like the moon, Venus, doesn’t have light of her own and reflects the sun’s back to us. But she shines very brightly and is visible with the naked eye. As the morning star, she’s the last star to disappear after the sun rises, and as the evening star, she’s the first to be visible after the sun sets.)

When she signs as the “evening star,” her position is believed to correlate with times that feels more peaceful, resourced and relaxed. Cue the collective sigh of relief.

Like a new moon, when Venus and the sun align, it's an ideal time to set an intention or make a wish. So as the week ends, take time to ground into your values, vision, and desires (again). Repetition always amplifies a dream's power, and aligning with cosmic events helps you to attune your mind, consciousness, and spiritual health to the cyclical nature of the universe. This is a great time to also do a ritual, too.

As a reminder, Venus correlates with love. In Aries, she boasts a little extra feistiness, so tap into this. Again, there’s nothing wrong with anger. Aside from it being connected to your overall emotional and physical health, it also connects us to our erotic power. Use the power of spring, Aries, and Venus’s alignment with the sun and Earth to encourage your desire to break free and break into an iteration of life that feels regenerative, graceful, and healing.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women’s health—which she uses to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. Order her book, Cosmic Health, here.

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