October’s Luckiest Transit Will Bring 3 Zodiac Signs Good News for Love and Money

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Hello, beautiful!

That's a phrase you’ll likely hear—and even say yourself—more frequently than usual on October 22. Why? The day marks this month’s luckiest alignment of Venus and the sun in Libra, a sign that especially values aesthetics. The cosmic uniting of the two celestial forces in the sign of the scales will elevate our ability to recognize, applaud, and connect with beauty as well as pleasure. And three zodiac signs, in particular, will feel the effects to a pronounced degree.

Given that beauty encompasses way more than how we look, we may also find ourselves more attuned to what we find attractive and charming in other people beyond physical appearance. With Venus's reputation for being the love planet, we may also may discover more about what we find enriching in our relationships on October 22.

And with finances being another Venus-centric arena, matters of money may be a focus. That said, money is not the only way to appraise how affluent we feel; this alignment can also help us gain further insight into what we truly value and what helps us experience a sense of richness in our lives.

While Venus and the sun in Libra might make everyone feel love is in the air and that beauty abounds, there are certain signs that may feel its clarion call more strongly.

And while Venus and the sun in Libra might make everyone feel love is in the air and that beauty abounds, there are certain signs that may feel its clarion call more strongly. These include Venus-ruled Taurus and Libra and sun-ruled Leo.

3 signs that'll really feel the positive love and money effects of Venus and the sun in Libra


When your planetary ruler Venus meets up with the sun, Taurus, it does so in the sector of your chart related to work and wellness. So, your relationship with your colleagues may be bringing you an extra sense satisfaction and reward right now. Furthermore, your associates may help you bring an important project forward in a way that adds great value and has you shine brighter.

To make the most of this positive energy, stay moving—literally. Work out with a friend or partner to make a workout more enjoyable and perhaps even open the doors to a new facet of an existing relationship.


The Venus-sun conjunction on October 22 is quite special for you, Libra, because your planetary ruler, Venus, is uniting with the sun in your zodiac sign. With that, your attraction factor may seem off the charts, with people finding you even more charming and alluring than usual.

Work your magic and your magnetic power; invite more romance into your life while you also stay present to what and whom makes your heart sing. Additionally, a little retail therapy may go a long way for new style inspiration.


For you, Leo, local love may be the name of the game as you find yourself feeling more appreciative of the unique charm of your neighborhood. Invite your friends to your neck of the woods, as playing tour guide may help you discover precious gems you previously took for granted.

A day trip may also be in the cards for you and your pals, especially if it's a social activity that will provide you all with a range of opportunities to learn something new. It’s a moment filled with a desire to acquire more knowledge, given that this alignment occurs in the sector of your chart related to education. Make time to peruse bookstores, art galleries, or historical sites, and sign up for a class that really calls your name.

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