5 Grand Slam Self-Care Practices Venus Williams Swears By

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Whether you're a caretaker or living alone, employed or unemployed, 19 or 90, looking after your mental health is a vital aspect of your overall well-being. Practicing self-care is similar to athletic training in that it takes consistency. For entrepreneur and seven-time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams, looking after her own mental health has taken center stage with self-care practices that anyone can adopt.

Beyond the public health implications, the psychological impact of the pandemic might linger for years to come. That's why Williams has also been busy working with the International Well Building Institute to spread the word about the importance of third-party verification to confirm the safety of building in the COVID-19 era and beyond.

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To learn how to recharge like a superstar, keep reading for self-care tips straight from Venus Williams.

The best self-care practices, according to Venus Williams

1. Williams makes a habit of doing something for the sheer joy of it

"I don't do this every day, but at least a few times a week, I take time to myself doing something that gives me joy," says Williams. While she's fortunate enough to have a career that marries her talent and interests (beyond tennis, Williams has an activewear line and an interior design company), some passions aren't related to building fulfilling career. In fact, it isn't about being productive at all. It could be playing with her dog Henry, going for a long walk outside, or calling a friend. Whatever it is, it's something she's choosing to do simply because she wants to, and that's it.

2. Williams lives by four words: "No email on weekends"

Williams works hard, really hard—which is why her weekends are sacred. "On the weekends, I really try to keep my mind clear," she says. "I still train on the weekends, but I don't answer emails. Then, I can move into the week ahead fully energized." Focusing on productivity constantly with no break is a drain; there's only so much energy one has to give. "Burnout is real," says Williams. Ignoring emails on the weekend is one way Williams refills her proverbial gas tank.

3. Williams does workouts she actually enjoys

Life is too short to be doing workouts you hate. As you can imagine, Williams spends a lot of time on the court (she plays tennis five days a week and even more leading up to a tournament) and just as much at the gym. She enjoys different forms of exercise, but a good beat is always there to power her through a workout: "I blast music really loud," she says. "I have a blast in the gym with my music going—it makes it feel like a Friday night!"

4. Williams prioritizes sleep

"Sleep is super important to me," says Williams. To wind down at the end of each day, she slathers her body with Asutra's Dream The Night Away. ($20). The lotion contains magnesium, which shows her tired muscles some love, and melatonin, which works to relax the mind and body.

5. Williams believes champagne shouldn't be reserved for celebrations

Is a glass of bubbly a self-care practice? "Things like good sleep and relaxing on the weekend are important, but sometimes I like some champagne," says Williams. Why wait until a major event to pop a bottle? (FYI: Champagne is conveniently sold in single-serve bottles.) Toast yourself on a random Tuesday or a Friday night in with Netflix and takeout. You deserve it.

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