Why Jumpsuits Are the New Power Suits (and How to Rock Them at the Office)

What has four pockets, no waistband, and pairs extremely well with sneakers? Jumpsuits. Which are the throw-it-on-and-go uniform that Well+Good senior editor Eva Medoff wears to meetings, brainstorms, OOO photo shoots, and anywhere the workday takes her.

"Pulling on one garment feels like a true suiting up moment," says Medoff. "You instantly feel confident when you have on a solid uniform, because it's such a simple-but-loud statement. Plus, it's streamlined enough that you can pair it with a strong accessory, like a pair of sneakers with a pop of color."

Both jumpsuits and chic sneakers have been making moves into office attire in next-gen work environments (and are definitely at home at Well+Good, where even leggings are game). Above, watch Medoff make the case for the jumpsuit-sneaker work look and a weekend style all with her New Balance FF Sports—and shop her kicks below.

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