This New ‘Wonderland’ Vibrator Will Send You Down a Rabbit Hole of Full-Body Bliss

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It's no secret that rabbit vibrators can be magical for achieving sheet-gripping, toe-curling blended orgasms. The initial design—as you might have gleaned from its name—mimicked actual rabbit ears to give vulva owners an easy tool for internal and external stimulation during "me time." And while plenty of rabbit vibes still have the classic fluttering "ears", many have evolved to cover more of the surface area of the clitoris, as well as the vulva and labia. Case in point: the brand-new rabbit vibrator from Vibes Only, dubbed Allison Wonderland ($159), which will leave you smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Vibes Only, Allison Wonderland — $159.00

Includes the toy in a premium box, velvet pouch, magnetic charging cable, and instruction manual.

Insertable length: 5 inches

Material: body-safe, medical-grade silicone

Weight: 6.4 oz.

Power source: USB rechargeable

Charging time: 2.5 hours


  • Provides both internal and external stimulation  
  • Individual motors for both clitoral vibrator and shaft
  • Six speeds and pulse levels
  • App-compatible
  • Water-resistant (not submersible)


  • App can be a bit finicky at times  
  • Takes more than two hours for a full charge
  • Not compatible with oil- or silicone-based lubes

I've tried dozens of sex toys and definitely have my favorites. Because I'm a big fan of clitoral orgasms and penetration, I usually opt for toys that have at least one of those components. With that in mind, I decided to try my hand at the Allison Wonderland, which promised to, "work in tandem with the erotic reverie for a full-blown journey into orgasmic bliss," per the brand's website. Sounded dreamy—and it is. Keep reading to learn how the Vibes Only Allison Wonderland and I held up in the bedroom after a week of testing.

First impressions

Before using this toy, I got well acquainted with it by reading the user's manual and feeling the vibe in my hand. Per the instructions, I learned that Allison Wonderland has six levels of clitoral vibration and just as many settings for the shaft of the vibe. Both are powered by individualized motors, meaning they can be turned on together or seperately, depending on your ~mood~. The vibe comes partially charged, which means I'd have to charge it completely before taking it for a spin. Speaking of charge, it takes a whole 2.5 hours for it to achieve a full charge. In my opinion, that’s really quite long. (But it’s well worth the wait!)

Photo: Author

Also impressive was the feel. Holding it in my hands I immediately noticed that it was extremely soft, which is largely because it's made out of squishy, satin-y medical-grade silicone. Moreover, Allison Wonderland isn’t very heavy, a trait that can often make masturbating a slog. I like this because I know it won't cause any issues for my wrist; I also like that it has an ergonomic finger loop at the bottom of the shaft, which doubles as a chic golden adornment. All in all, it's a very visually pleasing toy, something that looks like it's straight out of Wonderland itself.

My honest review of the Vibes Only Allison Wonderland

Again, I'm no stranger to rabbit vibrators; I've tested a lot of these types of toys. That said, the Vibes Only Allison Wonderland certainly lands front of the pack. Both of its individualized motors are plenty powerful, and you can actually feel those vibrations get incrementally stronger. But where they shine most is during a stark incline—like, say, jumping from a Level 5 to a 10. It feels good. 

When I tested the Allison Wonderland, I used it with a partner. This was simple, thanks to the Vibes Only app, through which you can control any Vibes Only vibrator. Previously, I hadn’t used an app to control my sex toys (I usually just press the buttons when I’m engaging in solo plays). I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the app was to download and use. The app allows you to control the power and settings for the shaft and clitoris components. My partner enjoyed dialing up the speed and pressure—which he was able to do with one swipe of his thumb—easy peasy. I also loved that it tells you *exactly* how charged your toy's battery is (a godsend for when you're contemplating using a toy but don't want to risk it dying in the heat of the moment).

Screenshot: Author

I’d be remiss not to mention, however, that the app can sometimes be a little finicky. For instance, my partner wanted to use the app to turn on the clitoral component of the vibe. While I didn't have my eye on the phone, I could tell—just by touching the clitoral portion of the sex toy with my hands—that the app wasn't working. The good news? It didn't take long to fix this issue. It was just a matter of disconnecting, turning the vibrator off, and connecting it again.

Now, for the star of the show: the orgasms. True to its name, the Allison Wonderland will absolutely send you down a rabbit hole of pleasure. Much of that comes from the thicker clitoral stimulator, which swaps traditional rabbit ears for one flat, pulsing stimulator to allow for more clitoral coverage and sensation. Then there's the vibrating shaft, which is great for folks who love G-spot stimulation. While the curved design was a bit much for me, folks who seek out that feeling of fullness will adore how it feels inserted and pressed up against the G-spot. The shaft is also squishy, which I personally love; even when it's not inserted vaginally, I still experienced a sensory turn-on from squeezing the shaft with my hands.

All in all, I wouldn’t be able to come up with a more apt name for this sex toy. Because even though my name is not Allison, I really was in Wonderland when I used this vibe.

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