The Victoria’s Secret Model Workout You Need to Try for the New Year (and the Leggings You Need to Pull It Off)

The end-of-the-year feelings are real (seriously, pass the champagne). But come 2018, you have every intention of totally crushing your workout—and walking out of the studio feeling like a major badass.

So how do you make it happen? To find out, we turned to Victoria's Secret models (and fitness buffs) Jasmine Tookes and Josephine Skriver—AKA the BFF duo behind JoJa, the seriously inspiring Instagram account where they chronicle all of their sweat-sesh adventures.

And they've got one key piece of advice: Grab a buddy. "When you have lazy days, they really help motivate you to get to the gym," says Tookes. "It also creates a really fun and competitive workout."

Now with nearly 400,000 followers, it's clear they've tapped into something major. "We never expected it would take off like it has, which is awesome—but at the end of the day, what’s most important to us is that our workouts inspire others," notes Skriver.

To put their supercharged method to the test, Well+Good's senior editor Jordan Galloway and editorial assistant Mercey Livingston tried out a JoJa-approved quickie workout with a little help from Dogpound, the hot New York City workout spot (and total VS-model stomping ground).

The second part of the experiment? Suiting up in Victoria Sport's brand new Total Knockout Tight, the fit-like-a-glove leggings that totally bring it in the sleek-but-supportive department. And according to Skriver and Tookes, this part is a non-negotiable.

"We always work out in our Victoria Sport gear—it’s the most comfortable and the cutest," says Skriver. "I really love the new Total Knockout Tight," adds Tookes. "They are the best for all different types of workouts." Consider us sold.

Scroll down to find out 4 clutch HIIT moves courtesy of two VS models—and the leggings you need to totally slay.

Move 1: Leg throws

JoJa's signature moves require you to commit for the total kick-butt package—but second-skin leggings (that make you feel fly, natch) totally help. First up? Leg throws. With your back flat on the floor, kick your stems all of the way up to your partners' hands (it targets your abs in the process).

"Jasmine always pushes me to work harder and it makes the workout fly by," says Skriver—and with partner moves like this, it's easy to see the strategy in action.

Move 2: Booty kicks

When you're doing a workout targeting your rear, a pair of sculpting leggings is totally necessary (and the hidden drawstring waist on the Total Knockout Tight is an added bonus so you don't have to adjust mid-move).

Galloway and Livingston bust out a triangle booty kick above, in which you bring your knee across your core and then up and back at the diagonal. The multi-directional movement means you work all of the muscles in your butt.

"Jo inspires me so much. We shoot together so often that I get to see her hard work really pay off," says Tookes, specifically calling out Skriver's strides in the booty-kick department. (Insert peach emoji here.)

Move 3: Glute bridges

Above, Galloway and Livingston show off their best glute bridge, working the muscles in their core and butt for total-body action (the high waist on the Total Knockout Tight comes in handy here).

While JoJa clearly makes the most of any sweat sesh, the it-girls make sure they're fueling both their workout and recovery by keeping protein-heavy snacks in their gym bags and making time to chill out.

"We usually always go out to eat together after a tough workout," says Tookes. "If we are traveling, we will go to the hotel sauna or steam room to loosen our muscles to help with the recovery."

Move 4: Mountain climbers

Ready for the final round? The last push is no joke—but the endorphins are worth it for all of the goal-crushing vibes. Galloway and Livingston demonstrate proper mountain climber form above, keeping their spines parallel to the ground and kicking knees forward for a burst of cardio (stretchy leggings for the win).

And if it looks tough, that's all part of the plan. "I wouldn’t want to start my new year without my friends and family—including Jasmine!" says Skriver. Just consider your workout BFF—and new uniform—all part of kicking off a totally amazing year.

In partnership with Victoria Sport

Photos: Tim Gibson for Well+Good

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