How to Vacay in Thailand Like an Angel (a Victoria’s Secret Angel, That Is)

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Take it from a group of Victoria's Secret models: After a big work event or upon completing a stressful project, you should definitely take a few days (or weeks, if you're lucky) to get in some much-needed self-care and mental-health-rejuvenating time. And that's exactly why a group of Angels decided to Zen out in Thailand after the recent Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai.

After runway pros Sara Sampaio, Lais RibeiroJosephine Skriver, and others wrapped for the cameras, they ditched the wings in favor of bathing suits and jetted to Phuket, Thailand, for a dreamy, detoxifying escape, according to Vogue. "It was the perfect place to just relax from all the stress and hard work we put in for the show," Sampaio tells Vogue. And because this was an Angels-only trip (plus significant others), it was far more fabulous than any ole all-inclusive getaway. So plebs, get ready to take notes.

"The tranquility of sleeping next to the beach and ocean made [the place] easy to love." —Lais Ribeiro, Victoria's Secret Angel

The trip included some major wellness-heavy activities, like deep-tissue massages and traditional acupressure sessions at Ani Villas's spalong baths, face masks, and swimming in Phuket's Phang Nga Bay, visiting a nearby elephant sanctuary, hiking, and, of course, plenty of naps on the beach. "The tranquility of sleeping next to the beach and ocean made [the place] easy to love," Ribiero tells Vogue, adding she thinks it's important "to slip in a nap whenever the opportunity makes itself known!" (Preach, soul sister!)

But the supermodels also stayed active during their stay, proving that whole #TrainLikeAnAngel motto isn't just reserved for the big show. "Working out helps me let out anything I have building inside," Skriver tells Vogue, adding that she ran on the beach daily during the trip. "There is no better release than putting your headphones in, going for a run, and bettering your mind and body."

Sure, the Angels might have experienced even more extreme rejuvenating vibes if they unplugged on their vacation—but then Instagram followers everywhere would have be left with no photos of serene, mood-boosting views to ogle.

Keep scrolling for more wanderlust-inducing photos from the Angels' Thai adventure.

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