I Went Backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and All the Angels Had One Piece of Advice

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Drink a lot of water. It's the oldest trick in the book, and yet, one that I heard time-and-time again when I went backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (which will air on December 2) this year. While models have access to all the perks of a wellness life well-lived (and while others are known for throwing down some out-there philosophies), it seemed that everyone I talked to this year was back to the basics: chug that H2O, take off your makeup at night, meditate, and squeeze in a sweat sesh when you can.

Let's be real—it's not magic, model-making advice, but I do think that there's something to nailing the good-for-you basics (or picking one good habit to start making) and keeping consistent on a regular basis. From there, it's all about what makes you feel good and in your own skin. Without further adieu, here are the wellness tips I gleaned backstage.

victorias secret angels
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On having clear skin

Megan May Williams (left): "For me, it's drinking lots of water. And having hot water and lemon in the morning. I've also been taking this collagen powder leading up to the show. You put it in hot water—it's a tip from my dad and it's meant to fight aging and give you a glow. I also put it in smoothies with lots of greens. Spinach is really good with ginger and lemon. Cucumber is really good, I like it in my smoothies.

Nadine Leopold (right): "Every morning, I do the same—hot water and lemon works. It's the best drink and it brightens your face a little bit more. I also add ginger to my smoothies—it's great for inflammation."

victorias secret angels
Photo: Rachel Lapidos for Well+Good

On beauty and wellness

Herieth Paul: "Always take off your makeup before bed, and chug on water like it's the last time you're drinking water. To remove my makeup I use wipes from Neutrogena—you can find them anywhere in the world. My best wellness advice would be to meditate—but not just meditate, go to a meditation place where you can connect your energy with other peoples' energy. It's a lot better than just trying to do it by yourself at home. It works for me. I try to do it twice a month or whenever I have time. But I go to this place called Inscape in New York—it's so good."

victorias secret angels
Photo: Rachel Lapidos for Well+Good

On skin care and fitness

Alannah Walton (left): "I drink a lot of water and I have green smoothies for breakfast. I like one with a banana, lots of spinach, kale, some protein powder, almond milk, ice, and nut butter. Simple. For fitness, I'm into boxing."

Maia Cotton (right): "Moisturize before you put makeup on. I love Ultraceuticals' moisturizer. It's Australian. And I'm also into boxing—we're big boxers."

victorias secret angels
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On getting a glow

Candice Swanepoel (left): "Exfoliate! I get these little pads—I forgot the brand—they're just a one-use kind-of-thing. Sugar and coconut oil is also a good at-home exfoliant."

To copy some Angel-approved fitness routines, this is Karlie Kloss' Victoria's Secret show workout. And here's Josephine Skriver's pulling exercise that she does for a sweat sesh. 

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