3 Times Victoria’s Secret Models Joja Inspired Us to Find a Fitness Buddy, Stat

Photo: Instagram/@joja

It’s no, er, secret that Victoria’s Secret models work out intensely (sometimes two or three times per day like a pro athlete) to prep for walking in the brand's buzzy runway show every fall, as well as appearing in the seasonal campaigns that've garnered the lingerie and loungewear company a cult following since the '90s. Plenty of Angels post selfies and videos of their sweat sessions regularly online á la Adriana Lima. Like Lima, Josephine Scriver and Jasmine Tookes regularly document their exercise routines for fans on Instagram.

When it comes to finding fitspo, the two models, who share the Instagram account JoJa (400K followers and counting), rely on the buddy system and post videos while working out together at gyms like Dogpound and S10 in New York City. Part of what makes the duo's antics so worthy of a double tap is that they make even super-tough workouts look fun.

“A big benefit of working out together is that the other person can help push you and definitely make you bring your A-game."

Not only that, but having a partner in crime at the gym can be a serious game-changer for your fitness routine, according to  Rhys Athayde, a founding trainer at Dogpound. “A big benefit of working out together is that the other person can help push you and definitely make you bring your A-game," he says. Unsurprisingly, some of his clients who work out together are often the most successful in achieving their fitness goals. "If you’re pushing it and your partner is pushing it, then you're feeding off of each other, and that makes you work even harder,” he says.

When recruiting a workout BFF, Athayde advises that it's all about the energy between the two of you. "Once you have that vibe and you find that you can really mesh well together, then your workouts can end up being some of the hardest, craziest workouts, and you can definitely see a ton of results,” he says.

Before you start combing through your contacts, scroll down for 3 moments of major fitspo from Victoria’s Secret model BFFs JoJa.

1. Russian twists

Partner push-up and press ? Tag your bestie?‍♀️ #jojalife

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2. Push-up and press

3. Tug-of-war plank

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