These Podiatrist-Approved Slide Sandals Give Me Arch Support and Stability for All-Day Walking—And They’re on Sale

Photo: Getty Images/Aleksandr Zubkov
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If I find a piece of clothing that fits exceptionally well, I want to buy it in every color—and often do. While this principle generally applies to shirts, leggings, sweats, and dresses, in some cases, it also rings true for shoes. Take the Vionic Kalina Slide ($90), for example. I was sent a pair last year and quickly fell head over (practical, low) heels.

vionic kalina slides
Vionic, Kalina Slide Sandal — $90.00

Originally $120, now $90

Sizes available: 5-11

Colors: 6 (you can find the lime green ones on Amazon!)


  • Offer arch support and stability
  • Low heel
  • Cushion-y slides that keep feet in place
  • Stylish
  • Come in a variety of colors


  • Orthotic features take a day to get used to if you normally wear flat sandals or flip-flops with no support
  • Not budget-friendly

These plush braided sandals, which are sold in eight colors, are instant head-turners—but they offer so much more than great style. The faux leather sandals are specifically designed to hug your arches, which is huge for someone like me, who has high arches that flatten out significantly when I walk, which can lend to heel pain with ill-formed shoes or while going barefoot (I had to go to the podiatrist about it earlier this year. Ah, to be an adult!).

I’m not the only one who swoons over the arch support, though—they also get two thumbs up from a podiatrist. “I like the integrated arch support and the slight heel wedge, both of which are going to increase comfort, stability, and wearability,” says podiatrist Dr. Anne Sharkey, on behalf of

vionic slides
Photo: Rebecca Norris

Now, I have to admit, these sandals did take a couple of wears to get used to. After all, most flat summer sandals are severely lacking in the arch department, so these can feel a bit unnatural at first. After wearing my lime green pair around New Orleans for three days, though, I found that my feet had fully adjusted—without the slightest bit of pain or discomfort on my radar thereafter. So, when I got my metallic silver pair this year, I didn’t have to break them in at all, as my feet are already accustomed to the orthotic support. In that sense, it’s not so much about breaking in the shoe as it is about giving your feet a chance to settle into the support.

Photo: Rebecca Norris

As much as I love the arch support—especially for long days of standing and walking—the straps are pretty notable, too. In my experience, they don’t rub or cause blisters, and they’re not at all constricting. Additionally, Sharkey points out that since the straps come back far across the midfoot, they actually lend to ample stability mid-stride, too.

“Summer sandals that have straps for support, arch support, and cushioning are all better choices than flat or flimsy sandals with minimal support,” she adds, applauding the silhouette.

Now, if only I can get my hands on the Barbie pink color in my size. They’ve been sold out for months, so wish me luck!

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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