These Snug Slippers Are Like Sleeping Bags for Your Feet

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I have a thing for slippers. Like, a love affair, really. When I moved cross-country, and I started packing, I realized I had four separate pairs: One for walking around my studio apartment, a second for wandering around my New York City building (aka doing laundry in the basement, getting my mail in the mail room, etc.), a third for travel (a must), and a fourth because I guess three just wasn't enough, and I wanted a backup pair. Clearly, I'm a comfort fiend.

So when I came across the Gabrie Slipper by Vionic, I was thrilled. Like little sleeping bags for your feet, these snug slippers are soft and squishy (without being too squishy, you know? They've got some sturdiness), and perfect for wearing all around the house (particularly in the winter months). They encompass your whole foot with a faux shearling lining and a bungee closure, and they're so soft and cushioned you feel like your foot is now surrounded by a cloud.

Coming in three colors, they also feature a rubber sole to keep you from slipping and sliding around, and are also biomechanically designed to hug your arches for true orthotic support. (My flat feet thank me.) Made by one of my favorite brands of shoes for comfort and arch support—I know they'll last for some time and keep my feet healthy and happy. Are they pricey? A bit. But I can say, worth it. Don't you deserve comfort in times like these? (She says as she buys her fifth pair of slippers.…)

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