This $36 Oversized Corduroy Top Is the Perfect Transitional Shacket, and It Has Over 8K 5-Star Reviews

Photo: Stocksy/Ivan Ozerov
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Now that spring is officially in sight, you might be starting to think about your wardrobe and how you can update it in favor of confusing warm-and-cool temps. And we have just the thing!

Allow us to introduce you to the Dokotoo Women’s Corduroy Button-Down Shirt ($36). The 100 percent polyester shacket, which is sold in sizes S to XXL, is soft, breathable, and lightweight, but not so light that you’ll be chilly as the weather adjusts between seasons. This is key, of course. The spring season is notorious for going from giving us a bright and sunny 70-degree day to dumping frigid rain on us the next morning. So, stocking your closet with transitional, versatile garments like this one is a must.

Plus, shoppers just really, really love it. "I love how this corduroy shirt looks and feels! It's very comfortable! The color is AMAZING!! I wore the shirt out with some jeans, boots & a ball cap!! Yep a definite Wow factor!! I received quite a few compliments that night," one reviewer exclaims.

Another shopper notes that it's the perfect piece for layering for all four seasons, writing, "I love this shirt, and to be honest initially I didn't think I'd like it because of the weight. It's perfect. I work in a warehouse and the receiving dock is obviously cold in winter because of all the doors always being opened. I wear this almost daily! It's a great layer, looks cute over hoodies and other long sleeves. It'll be great in the spring and summer too for a light layer. I want every color now!"

While many shackets exist nowadays, thanks to the surge of the heavy shirt style on TikTok (the term “shacket” has amassed over 198 million views), few are as wildly popular as the Amazon Shacket, which has over 8,000 5-star ratings. In fact, this shacket is so popular that the term “Amazon Shacket” has garnered over 123 million views all on its own.

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While many people assume that shackets are designated for fall, considering many of them are sold in more rustic color palettes, the Amazon Shacket works for every season. The reason? It’s sold in a whopping 44 colors, including corduroy and plaid options. If you’re looking specifically for suitable spring hues, there are two new colorblock options—one that’s pastel pink, green, gray, and tan, and one that’s pastel blue, pink, green, and tan. Of course, the beige and light green shackets would be great picks for spring, too.

What makes this shacket so special, apart from the wide color selection it's sold in, is its oversized silhouette that can be worn in a variety of ways. On TikTok, you’ll see people wearing it fully buttoned up like a shirt, as a jacket over band tees and matching athleisure sets, and in some cases (when sized up) as a dress.

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Suffice to say, if you’re looking to fill your closet with garments that will work whether it’s warm or chilly, this shacket will make you swoon.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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