Exactly What Kind of Detail-Oriented Virgo You Are, According to Your Moon Sign

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The end of August brings about several realities: summer is ending, school's back in session, and Virgo season (August 23 to September 22) has officially arrived. In this astrological case, the zodiac wheel mirrors real life since Virgos are known for being hyper-organized, conscientious, and polished—just like the kid who showed up on the first day of class with a color-coded binder and a fresh new outfit. According to astrologer Natalia Benson, though, a Virgo's moon sign—the sign the moon was in when they were born—is important to know, since it influences emotional life and inner self. This explains why your Virgo friends aren't all the same; some may have Beyoncé vibes while others are more like Blake Lively. (Both famous Virgos, FWIW.)

"Broadly speaking, Virgos are often very detail-oriented, patient people with a grounded nature about them," says Benson. "But each moon sign is going to give a unique energy to the emotional expression of that particular Virgo."

To learn about your moon sign (and that of your Virgo pals), simply input your birth date, time, and location into a free birth chart generator. Then, scroll down for Benson's insight into how the 12 moon signs provide a different flavor to a Virgo's inherent traits.

Virgo with an Aries moon

"A Virgo with an Aries moon is going to have a little more fire to them—a little more intensity, drive, and an air toward independence, especially emotional independence," says Benson. "This may be a Virgo who really considers their state of freedom before partnering or getting really close in a friendship." Since Virgo isn't the most expressive sign to begin with, Benson insists it's important for those with this placement to mindfully let people in. "We're not here to live on this planet by ourselves," she points out.

Virgo with a Taurus moon

Someone with this double-Earth-sign combination is likely to be your most reliable friend. "A Virgo with a Taurus moon doesn't talk big—they just really deliver, sometimes in a quiet manner," says Benson. "They may be excellent with money, finances, and resources thanks to all of their grounded, Earth energy."  This person tends to move too slowly at times, so it's important for them to prioritize taking action—even if it's in a way that's methodical and measured.

Virgo with a Gemini moon

Both Virgo and Gemini are ruled by Mercury—the planet of communication—so a Virgo with a Gemini moon is likely to have the gift of the gab. "This is someone who could host a talk show or be a personality on YouTube," says Benson. "They have a lot to say and they think and express very uniquely." Their intellectual nature, however, may make it hard for them to connect with their emotions. Benson's Rx? "Do heart practices to connect to the intuitive side of the personality instead of analyzing," she suggests.

Virgo with a Cancer moon

While Virgos are known for spending a lot of time in their head, Cancer is a sign that's all heart. Put the two together, says Benson, and you'll have a Virgo who feels things more deeply than the sign's stereotypes suggest. "It can be really powerful when the analytical, objective side of Virgo can integrate the emotional power of a Cancer moon," says Benson. "Think about Earth and water—those things really go well together. But the Virgo side of the personality has to be open to its own emotionality and not repress it. That is what can make a big problem."

Virgo with a Leo moon

"This is a unique combo for sure, because Virgo and Leo are very different from one another," says Benson. "In close relationships, this person will have a little more extroversion and flare for drama, which is not always a Virgo trademark—they can be subdued." She adds that since a Leo moon can be emotionally fiery, it's key for this person to not make quick judgments about people or situations. "Assume that people have your best interests in mind and don't go into emotional intensity too quickly, because that Leo moon can be very intense," she says.

Virgo with a Virgo moon

Double Virgos are somewhat of an enigma. "You may never know what this person is thinking and feeling unless you ask them," says Benson, adding this person's challenge is to learn how to accept support from others, emotionally and otherwise. "Earth signs in general are so strong and don't have the propensity to lean on people. But it's healthy to express yourself and get things out. You don't have to do everything alone."

Virgo with a Libra moon

A Virgo with a Libra moon is all about relationships. "This is very much someone who wants to partner and wants to understand people at an intellectual level as well as a very sensuous level. This is because Libra is ruled by Venus," Benson says. Someone with this combination can be very charming, but given Virgo's detachment, their emotional connections can sometimes be more surface-level. "It's important for this person to be very authentic," she says.

Virgo with a Scorpio moon

This Virgo has the potential to be highly perceptive—with themselves and others. "Virgo is brilliant in terms of thinking and looking at details, and Scorpio is a sign marked by deep feeling and intuitive knowing," says Benson. "This person would be more patient with their emotional expression, which a lot of Scorpio moons are not—they're very intense people."  To keep that emotional and mental depth in balance, Benson says exercise and meditation are key. "It will help you get out of your head and into your heart more."

Virgo with a Sagittarius moon

The most adventurous expression of Virgo, this combination is curious, gregarious, and loves to travel. "As an Earth sign, Virgo likes the finer things of life and feels that their surroundings are very important," says Benson. "In combination with the Sag moon, they may want to know all there is to know and be all the places." That said, they can also be flaky regarding intimate relationships. Benson's advice? "If you really love and respect someone, just let them know your plans before you whisk yourself off to Morocco, or something."

Virgo with a Capricorn moon

A Capricorn-mooned Virgo is incredibly hard-working, and that effort tends to pay off literally. "This may be a Virgo that's a millionaire by the time they're 30," Benson says. "This person has a strong desire for security and does not like surprises." The downside is that they can become a little too set in their ways, which is why Benson suggests they make an effort to bring variety to their days so as to not grow complacent.

Virgo with an Aquarius moon

"Emotions are not this person's first language. It's definitely their second or third,"  says Benson of this cerebral mash-up of signs. But that doesn't mean they're heartless—quite the opposite, in fact. "Virgo and Aquarius are both very much about service, so there's a strong sense here of How do I serve other people? How do I help humanity? They work tirelessly for the things that matter to them. That's where this person gets their emotional juice—not from conversations."

Virgo with a Pisces moon

Virgo and Pisces sit directly opposite each other on the zodiac wheel, so this combination can create an elegant sense of balance between one's inner and outer worlds. "Virgo is all about reality whereas Pisces is very abstract and creative," says Benson. The key for this person is to integrate these two sides of their personality. "Let those traits dance with one another, rather than think it's annoying that they're so internally opposed," says Benson.

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