Everything to Know About the Detail-Oriented Virgos in Your Life

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Beyonce, Zendaya, Nick Jonas, and two-fifths of One Direction are all Virgos, so clearly, those born between August 23 and September 22 are in good, star-powered company on the zodiac wheel. But, beyond that mere list, what Virgo personality traits shine through most commonly for members of the mutable sign?

Below find everything you ever wanted to know about the sixth sign of the zodiac. Whether you're a Virgo yourself or just want some more insight into Virgo personality traits, astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss has you covered on the bases of strengths, weaknesses, and what in general is known to make Virgos happy.

Virgo personality traits

"Virgos are all about the mind-body connection," Weiss says. "A happy Virgo is one who feels balanced between both the mind and the body." Virgos, she adds, are often into health and wellness, and also classically like to help people, which points to why service-oriented fields like nursing or health coaching are popular go-to jobs for the sign.

"Virgos are very much a sign of extreme intelligence. They have many skills, but sometimes the knowledge can be a bit elusive because they have the tendency to be obsessed with detail." —astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss

"They also make great critics, such as art critics or editors, because they pay close attention to details. They notice things other people don't," Weiss says. But this very appreciation for the minutia can lead Virgos to miss the forest because they're so focused on a single tree. "Virgos are very much a sign of extreme intelligence. They have many skills, but sometimes the knowledge can be a bit elusive because they have the tendency to be obsessed with detail."

More energetically, Virgo is an Earth sign that's ruled by Mercury—and because of this, they tend to feel the effects of Mercury retrograde stronger than other signs. To this point, Weiss quickly caveats that this isn't necessarily bad news since so many other features of the birth chart come into to play. "For example, if you were born while Mercury was in retrograde, it tends not to be difficult for you. While everyone else if freaking out, you're fine."

Virgo strengths and weaknesses

To start with the positives, you can for sure count on this sign to get. stuff. done. "Virgos are really good at nailing their to-do lists," Weiss says, and because of their attention to detail, you can rest assured that it won't be a halfhearted, rushed effort, either.

And, as noted earlier, Virgos love to help others. Since they're also natural healers, these are the people you want to call for soup and holistic remedies if you're feeling under the weather.

This all being true, keep in mind that all signs have their downfalls—and Weiss says these weaknesses are often connected to the strengths. Virgos' attention to detail, for example, can sometimes become paralyzing to their productivity. And those good intentions to help others can sometimes shift into overstepping territory. "Virgos can be hypercritical," Weiss says. "Someone may feel their Virgo colleague, friend, or partner is nagging them too much or being overly critical, but they should keep in mind it comes from a well-intentioned place."

How to get along with a Virgo

Fellow earth signs Capricorn and Taurus typically get along well with Virgos, as do Pisces, a sign Weiss says is so different to that of Virgos that they tend to balance each other out. While certain signs may have a leg up on cultivating a relationship with a Taurus, it's possible for anyone. Weiss' top tip to this point? "Do what you can to ease their anxiety. Virgos can get into their head too much, so it can be helpful to try to bring them out of that."

"Virgos can get into their head too much, so it can be helpful to try to bring them out of that." —Weiss

A great way to actually achieve this action is to invite a Virgo to do something centered around spirituality or health. "It could be going to a yoga class together or a juice shop, or listening to a spiritually-focused podcast together," she says. Because Virgos are all about the mind-body connection, these types of activities help them feel grounded, and as a result, striking a connection will be much simpler.

How to be happy as a Virgo

The key to living a happy Virgo life, Weiss says, comes down to that mind-body balance. "One of my favorite quotes from The Quantum Astrologer's Handbook is 'Virgos have to learn that although the body must serve the mind, ultimately, the mind must serve the spirit.' I think that’s something Virgos should tack on their bulletin board and read every morning for happiness. As long as you’re constantly traversing when you’re too much in your head back to your body and the connection between the mind, body, and spirit, finding balance, you’ll be okay."

In those moments when you do start to feel obsessive or too heady about something, Weiss says it's important to be kind to yourself. "Recognize that's a part of who you are and it's okay. Remind yourself: I may not be in control of everything all the time, but I’m still okay with not being in control of everything."

She also recommends picking up a healthy habit you can do for self care every day, if possible. "It could be going for a walk in nature, doing a breathing meditation, or just stretching," she says. Taking the time to do so will help keep that mind-body balance established, so you can go about living your best Virgo life. In fact, regardless of your sign, it's pretty sound advice.

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