Virgo Season Is Bringing a Dose of Order to the End-of-Summer Chaos—Here’s What To Expect for Your Sign

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We're more than halfway through August, and a vibe shift is in the air: The last rounds of vacation Instagrams are being posted, oranges and tomatoes will soon disappear from the farmer's market, and you may have a phantom urge to buy some school supplies—or at least a real urge to get more organized. Welcome to Virgo season 2023, the last of the summer astrological seasons and a time for every zodiac sign to get their life in order.

This year's Virgo season could come with a jolt: Not only are we leaving easy-breezy summer days for the more buttoned-up ones of the impending fall, but we're doing so just in time for Mercury to retrograde in the Earth sign for much of its season. Consider it a double-dose of tough love when it comes to cleaning up your act.

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When is Virgo season 2023?

Virgo season begins when the sun moves into the sign of Virgo on August 23 (which just so happens to be the exact same day Virgo’s planetary ruler Mercury also stations retrograde in Virgo). And it lasts until September 23, at which point the sun shifts into the heady sign of Libra.

During this period, we can expect to feel an air of Virgoan energy, which is all about buckling up and getting down to business. All of us may find ourselves embodying the sign's inherent need to bring order to systems—especially in the wake of Leo season and its YOLO energy.

Overall mood and energy of Virgo season 2023

Virgo season reflects the vibe of the grounded Earth sign. Just as the sign is practical and logical, while also being in tune with nature's beauty and bounty, so, too, will we find ourselves enjoying the last wisps of summer while getting organized and returning to routine this Virgo season. “We still get the fruits of summer this season, and we’re still connecting to the life force of summer but in a down-to-Earth kind of way,” says astrologer Stephanie Gailing, author of The Complete Guide to Astrological Self-Care.

Virgo season is about finding that balance between fun and play, and the backbone of that is to establish and tend to organizational systems that’ll keep everything running smoothly. “Virgo season brings a helpful, patient, and hardworking energy that motivates us to be practical and efficient,” says astrologer Alexandria Lettman, founder of spiritual wellness platform Jupiter Jewel. “It brings an immediate energy shift where we begin to take more notice of our priorities and responsibilities.”

"Virgo season brings a helpful, patient, and hardworking energy that motivates us to be practical and efficient."—Alexandria Lettman, astrologer

Virgo also rules the sixth house and is thus associated with daily habits and wellness, making its season an opportune time to check in on your health. "It’s not that the fun is over, but there's that inclination in Virgo season to say, 'Let me just get back to my fitness and my well-being on another level,'" says Gailing. Consider revamping old routines that no longer support your physical or mental health, and starting up new ones that do.

In classic Virgo form, this is also the time for some literal and metaphorical cleaning and organizing. Consider, for example, setting up a new system for storing your summer clothes or re-organizing your spice cabinet—but also think about the systems you have in place for connecting with and supporting loved ones. “You want to make sure that everything is in its rightful place, so that you can be more at ease heading into the fall,” says Gailing.

Key transits affecting every sign during Virgo season 2023

Planetary movements

Mercury retrograde in Virgo will ratchet up the get-your-life-together vibes this Virgo season—but it's far from the only planetary transit shaking things up. Assertive Mars, the planet of action, enters cool and collected Libra on August 27, giving our sense of motivation and physical drive an unusual air of slowness. “We’ll weigh up our options carefully instead of trailblazing ahead and acting on impulse,” says Lettman, of the resulting energy.

Still, all of that plotting and planning may feel like it's for naught come August 28, when Uranus, the planet of surprises, goes retrograde in Taurus. Expect all things unexpected, and stay flexible for out-of-the-blue detours, says Gailing. And on whatever you touch, “allow a light grip,” she adds.

As we enter September, things ease up a bit: Venus, the planet of love, finally returns to direct motion on September 3 after a weeks-long retrograde—which has the effect of "lifting a veil of confusion from Venutian areas of life," says astrologer Rachel Lang, author of Modern Day Magic. "This opens us up to have more confidence in our relationships."

The next day, September 4, Jupiter heads retrograde, magnifying its beneficent energy in the sky. Though a retrograde might sound like bad news, with Jupiter being the planet of good fortune, a Jupiter retrograde typically brings a positive time for inner growth and manifestation, says Lettman. Take some time to introspect and consider all the possibilities for your future without losing sight of your own limits, she adds.

Just as Virgo season nearly comes to a close, Mercury ends its retrograde on September 15. That's the time to take any insights you may have gleaned in rethinking your systems, reworking your plans, or reconsidering your communications over the past few weeks, and turn them into plans that you set in motion, says Gailing.

Lunar transits

Two key lunar movements color Virgo season 2023. On August 30, the full moon arrives in the dreamy and emotional sign of Pisces, which Gailing says can bring a healing energy. Lang recommends considering how you can be of service to others, and appreciating how they’ve done the same for you.

You may also uncover an untapped well of creativity around the full moon, says Gailing. “Artisanship is very Virgo, and you also have the Pisces inspiration of the muse, so take that and craft something—don’t just leave it in your head as a dream,” she says. As you do, just be careful not to get wrapped up in Virgoan perfectionism, she warns.

At the end of Virgo season 2023 comes a new moon in Virgo on September 14, offering every zodiac sign an opportunity to start fresh—which is especially aligned given the end of Mercury retrograde arrives just the next day. “This is one of those lunations that encourages us to set intentions around the action steps we need to take to manifest our dreams,” says Lang.

Which zodiac signs are most affected by Virgo season 2023?

To no surprise, Virgo will most acutely feel the vibes of their birthday season. “They’re in their element, and the [Virgo] energy is helping them reconnect to themselves,” says Lettman. Also strongly affected is Gemini, which shares its planetary ruler (Mercury) with Virgo, and may get hit especially hard by the retrograde as a result.

Virgo's fellow mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces) would also be wise to note the changing vibes: These signs are known for their go-with-the-flow nature, but setting boundaries and realistic expectations may be important this season, says Lang, given the Virgoan demands of a new schedule or routine.

Understanding how Virgo season will affect you, based on your birth chart

The sun spending time in Virgo will have a different impact on every zodiac sign because Virgo occupies a different part of the birth chart for each one. You'll want to read the below horoscopes not only for your sun sign but also (and especially) for your rising sign, which reflects how you present yourself in the world. (You can learn your rising sign by inputting your birth date, time, and location into a free natal chart generator like this one.)

Your rising sign is key here because it dictates which zodiac sign corresponds to (or occupies) each of the twelve astrological houses in your birth chart (each of which is linked with a particular realm of life, like family or career). That means your rising sign also determines the specific house in which Virgo appears in your birth chart—and, in turn, the area of life it holds sway over (and that will be most activated this Virgo season).

Below, find star-sanctioned intel on what every zodiac sign can expect from Virgo season 2023, plus advice for tapping into the Virgo vibe accordingly.

Virgo season 2023 horoscopes for every zodiac sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

Taking a measured, methodical approach to everyday tasks may not be your typical cup of tea, Aries, but it’s good for you this time of year (promise). The sun in Virgo resides in your sixth house of habits—which is the house that Virgo naturally rules. Translation: Virgo season is super classically Virgo-y for you.

That means you'd be wise to “slow down and cultivate a healthier lifestyle, and get into a steady workflow by reassessing your priorities,” says Lettman. Take a moment to clearly plot out how you’d like to be working and living in an ideal world—and then consider how you might adapt your existing daily habits to help you get there.


Your fifth house of fun and pleasure is where the sun shines this Virgo season, Taurus. Lang says this is a good time to be “focusing on some of the more enjoyable things in life.” Do you want to start a business or a new creative project, or pursue a new romance? Channel Virgo’s penchant for innovation and systems by creating a new plan to actually set that thing in motion.


It's about time to turn your attention toward your nest, Gemini, as Virgo falls in your fourth house of home and family. Consider consulting that one Pinterest board you've been filling up and snagging a couple of the home furnishings you've pinned; tackle that kitchen pantry re-org; or style that one shelf with the books or mementos you've been meaning to display. “Focus on what would add more coziness and what would make you feel more at home,” says Gailing.


Language and communication may be on your mind this season, Cancer, as Virgo inhabits your third house. Consider thinking of new ways you might gain and disseminate knowledge; if you’ve always wanted to learn another language or even a new skill or sport (pickleball, anyone?), now is the time to make a plan for doing so. “For you, this time is all about enhancing your ability to learn and to share what you know with others,” says Gailing.


Leo, this is your “money month,” says Lang, because your second house of resources and possessions is in play. Recently overspent on your birthday or ignored your savings goals? This is the time to take an incisive look at your finances: Plot out any upcoming purchases, rethink your spending habits, and check in on your budget.

If you find yourself in need of more funds, this is a good time to lay the groundwork for asking for a raise or starting up a side hustle (just wait until Mercury retrograde is over to action either of these items). Gailing says to also take stock of your inherent value and gifts around now, and to think up new ways you can let those shine.


Your birthday season is all about you, as the sun in Virgo resides in your first house of self and identity. But given the coinciding Mercury retrograde in your sign, it's not all easy-breezy.

This season, you could be called to really think about who you are, how you want to present yourself, and what mark you want to leave on the world. Thankfully, one of your key skills is bringing order to chaos—and you can use that Virgo superpower to craft a plan for your future, even amid the uncertainty of Mercury retrograde.

Although it's an introspective time, you can have your cake and eat it, too; maybe that soul-searching happens on a solo trip or retreat. Don't forget to "really celebrate yourself and do something that feeds your spirit," adds Lang. Schedule those last beach days, have the park picnic, and enjoy the final remnants of that summer sun.


It's time for you to focus on what Gailing calls “sanctuary energy,” Libra. Virgo occupies your 12th house of the subconscious mind, so this season may encourage you to take a look at all that lies beneath the surface (your secrets, hidden wounds, and intuition)—and that requires creating a calm container.

Book yourself a spa day or work in some other way to relax because this is a time for personal healing and transformation. “You’re really thinking about big-picture goals, dreams, and priorities,” says Lang. She also recommends you get comfortable learning how to set the kind of boundaries that may be required to achieve these goals.


As the most private sign of the zodiac, you may typically relish spending time alone, Scorpio—but Virgo season could have you acting uncharacteristically social. Your 11th house of friendships and networks is the focus here, so you could find that you’re making new connections or re-upping old ones. “There’s a real emphasis on building community, and on how you can share your unique gifts, talents, and skills with that community,” says Lang.


“The sun in Virgo falls at the very top of your chart, Sagittarius,” says Gailing, referencing the location of your 10th house of career and reputation. That means it's time to apply some Virgoan analysis to this realm of your life: Think about what makes you feel fulfilled and passionate in a work setting, and consider how you might re-align your priorities in that direction. “Have a heart-to-heart with yourself about your career aspirations and goals, and focus on who might be able to help you with these newly connected goals,” says Gailing.


Your heart is feeling light this season, Capricorn, because Virgo is a fellow Earth sign—and you're most yourself when the sun shines on one of your down-to-Earth counterparts. In particular, Virgo resides in your ninth house of long-distance travel, so Lang says an openness to adventure, exploration, and learning may suffuse your spirit.

Book that trip, sign up for that class, or attend that author talk.“These are all ways to have a personal sense of expansion, and that's one of the priorities whenever you feel more optimistic than usual,” says Lang.


Your eighth house of shared finances, investments, sex, and debts is in the spotlight this season, Aquarius. You could find yourself doing an internal check-up and evaluating what support and resources you need to live your best life.

“This is one of your deeper moments throughout the year—when you are recalling memories, thinking about the past, and looking at your mental well-being,” says Lang. Part of that may include handling any outstanding financial obligations, too, and preparing to budget for additional end-of-year expenditures.


How are your relationships doing, Pisces? The sun in Virgo shines in your seventh house of partnerships, meaning you could spend this season considering “how to better communicate in your relationships and also express your needs for independence,” says Lang.

The methodical vibe of Virgo season could also have you formalizing a new relationship status. (Just be careful not to mince your words as you do so, given that Mercury is still retrograde until September 15.) If you've been putting off a DTR conversation, now's the time to have it—and the same goes if you've been putting off a breakup; Lang suggests this is the moment to rip off the bandage.

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