Your Preferred Style of Virtual Connection, Based on Your Astrology Sign

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As an introvert and a writer, I've always found virtual connection in the form of texts or emails to be the easiest. So you might imagine that the current circumstances (while far from ideal in any sense) have actually offered me a reprieve from the styles of in-person comms that stress me out the most; however, I've received a number of unplanned FaceTime calls since lockdown began and let me just tell you, this is my worst (communication-based) nightmare—especially since I have no excuse not to answer.

My astrological sign, it turns out, could have predicted I might struggle with this sort of thing. According to intuitive astrologer and healer Rachel Lang, the zodiac has much to say about the ways in which we connect with one another, and this is true even in the digital realm. Below, she breaks down the struggles and strengths of all 12 signs.

The type of digital connector you are, according to astrologer Rachel Lang


This is your opportunity to show the world what you’ve got and broadcast yourself—spread your message and be heard. When communicating with others, you prefer succinct communication that gets right to the point. You have to be careful, though, because text isn’t nuanced; what you consider direct communication could be misconstrued as blunt.


Nothing’s as good as a face-to-face connection for Taurus, a tactile earth sign. For you, Zoom is the way to go because you can at least get a visual reference. Plus, Zoom has a setting that allows you to enhance your appearance, which is helpful for a Venus-ruled sign (the planet of beauty) because when you look better, you feel better.


Communication is so important to you. You’re likely to be on Skype on your computer, texting with a friend on your phone, and managing your social media messages on your iPad… all at one time. I find Geminis also love talking on the phone; you’ll want to connect for real conversations as often as possible.


Of all the signs, you’re probably the best suited for this quarantine; your sign is all about the home, after all. This is a time to cook, clean, and spend time with your family. For virtual communication, phone and text work well for you—anything that allows you to stay in your comfortable clothes or wrapped up in a blanket snuggling with your pet.


Use this as an opportunity to build an online platform for yourself to showcase your talent. Broadcast your latest ideas, comedy, or performances on IGTV or Facebook. Start a YouTube page. Though you can be a strong leader during a Zoom meeting, you’re most likely to use social media for communication. Think of Instagram like one big party, and connect with as many new people as you can.


Rather than video or phone, you may find yourself more inclined to lean on written communication during this time, like texts, messages, or email. That way, you can proof what you send and make sure you’re saying the perfect words to convey your messages. In video chats, you’re an observer. You pay attention to subtle cues, so this medium works well for you, especially Skype and Zoom.


As one of the more social signs of the Zodiac, you might miss connecting with people IRL more than others. Arrange to host Zoom parties or Google hangouts. Gather your closest friends together for an online gathering, and the more the merrier. Zoom also has this great feature where you can enhance your appearance. This was made for Libra. You care about how you look, even when you’re wearing sweats.


When you communicate, you do so on three levels all at once. You hear what’s being said, intuit what’s not being said, and calculate what should be said to influence an outcome. You’re strategic in your communication, even virtual. It’s easier for you to pick up on those subtle clues during video chats, FaceTime, Zoom or Skype calls. Texts are always a good starting point, but for real, deep conversations, you want to move them online. It helps to see someone’s facial expressions to read their body language and attune yourself to what’s not being said.


This time might be more challenging for you than other signs. After all, you appreciate freedom above all, and you probably don’t love the restrictions. You’re also someone who’s frequently on the go. In your virtual communication, you like the simplicity of texts. Quick, to-the-point communication. Plus, you can use emojis when words aren’t enough. It can feel overwhelming to be stuck on the phone or on a Skype call for too long as your attention span might not last. So, you’re more likely to have several short interactions with different people throughout the day. Keep things light and fun; nothing too heavy right now.


You’re the first to find ways to stay productive from home because you’re driven and don’t want anything to stop you. You can easily adapt to new platforms or technology because you take the time to learn it. When it comes to virtual communication, you are direct, straightforward, and clear. You are a practical communicator with a time limit who doesn’t want to spend all day on a call. You have things to do. You have mastered the art of wrapping up before the call goes on too long.


You were made for virtual connecting, and you likely have a good relationship with technology. After all, your sign is associated with technology and innovation. If you feel behind, you’ll catch right up and become masterful at virtual connections. Like air signs Libra and Gemini, you have a need to connect with others and share ideas. Use social media for your social outlets, to discover new online groups or make new friends. When it comes to existing friends, you’re the one to start a FaceTime or Zoom happy hour get together. You could discover new ways to connect with old friends. This is a part of an overall expansion/life change you’re undergoing with Saturn entering your sign.


If you have regular issues with technology, this could be a frustrating time for you. You’ll likely need to rely on your ESP. We’re likely evolve to the point at which we’re communicating through telepathy, and you can start the trend. Use this as an opportunity to increase your intuition and develop your spiritual gifts.

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