9 Cooking Classes, Sound Baths, and Other Virtual Experiences You Can Gift This Year

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I'll be the first to admit that I have way too much stuff—sweaters shoved into closets, knick knacks crowding every surface, drawers filled to the brim with things I buy twice after forgetting about owning the first, and I know I'm not alone in having a "miscellaneous cupboard"—that one cabinet that is every home's equivalent to the island of lost toys. Studies have found that one in seven Americans has a room in their home that they can’t use because it’s filled with a random assortment of things that they barely use. Well, this holiday season we're shaking it up, breaking the cycle, and changing our gifting style (See: no more scarves that you shove so far back into your wardrobe they might as well be in Narnia). This virtual experience gift guide filled with memorable options is sure to have something to please every giftee on your list, and you can even join along for some of them—especially nice if you can't see them IRL this year.

1. Guided Meditation with Sleepy Sheep Airbnb Virtual Experience

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Yes, you read that right. First there was yoga with goats and now there is meditating with sheep. Farm animals have officially taken over all of our favorite wellness practices. For $18, someone you love can be transported to a quiet farm in the United Kingdom and relax with an hour of breathing exercises and virtual wooly cuddles. It's quite the...sheep thrill.

Book now: Guided Meditation with Sleepy Sheep Airbnb Virtual Experience, $18

2. Vegetarian Indian Restaurant Favorites Cooking Class with Sur la Table

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Do you miss dining at your favorite Indian restaurant with your fam? This cooking class has got the whole squad covered. The best part is that these classes are a great gift for as many cooks as you can fit in the kitchen because you only pay the $29 fee once per household. The Zoom classes are entirely interactive, and there are a variety of options depending on what you're in the mood to whip up.

Book now: Vegetarian Indian Restaurant Favorites Cooking Class with Sur la Table, $29

3. The Copper Vessel Intro to Crystal Alchemy Sound Healing Workshop

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Got a friend looking for some healing after this whirlwind of a year? The Copper Vessel is the answer to your prayers. Based on ancient healing techniques, the vibrations of sound work on a cellular level to recalibrate both the mind and the body by stimulating brain waves that help with cultivating rest and relaxation.

Book now: The Copper Vessel Intro to Crystal Alchemy Sound Healing Workshop, $222

4. Paddywax Candle Making Class

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With DIY kits and virtual workshops, candle making is a great activity—plus, you get something you can use at the end. (What giftee doesn't want an experience and a present?) The kit comes in the mail when you sign up, and then you can pick a class time that works.

Book now: Paddywax Candle Making Class, $45

5. Modsy Virtual Design Experience

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Have someone in your life who thinks they deserve their own HGTV show? That one person that bites their tongue to stop themselves from saying "Hey MTV, welcome to my crib" every time you walk into their house? Modsy is the gift for them. Modsy is an app that lets you see your actual room in 3D so you can see what furniture and design elements you want to buy in your home before you buy them.

Book now: Modsy Virtual Design Experience, $159

6. Personal Astrology Reading

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2020 has been quite the year...If you've got a friend that starts every conversation with "So what time were you born?" and is sure that the only reason you let him/her back into your life again is because of your Gemini Venus, a virtual astrology reading is the perfect gift. Let Corina Crysler answer those oh so difficult questions. She'll leave with recommendations on how to move past blockages and a deeper understanding of their cosmic map.

Book now: Personal Astrology Reading, $215

7. Vino Vinyasa

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Does your mom or BFF love yoga and wine? What if we paired the two? For less than the price of an in-studio workout class, your resident yogi sommelier can go through their classic yoga flow during the Zoom class while learning facts about wine, and conclude with a virtual wine tasting to reward themselves.

Book now: Vino Vinyasa, $30

8. Laughing Therapy Airbnb Virtual Experience

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Hosted in multiple languages, laughing therapy is a universal serotonin booster. As Madan Kataria, MD, the "guru of giggling" says, "We don't laugh because we are happy but we are happy because we laugh." Treat a loved one to some serious chuckling, guffawing, and knee slapping with this therapeutic experience.

Book now: Laughing Therapy Airbnb Virtual Experience, $19

9. Maria Sofia Marmanides Tarot Card Reading

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Perfect for a friend craving their own personal Google Maps for their life, Maria Sofia Marmanides, a practitioner of Tarot and Astrology, is here to read the cards. During the virtual tarot card reading, the participant can pick the topics they want to learn about and then let the cards tell them what's up all while learning more about the tarot process.

Book now: Maria Sofia Marmanides Tarot Card Reading, $100

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