Into Megawatt Smiles? These 5 States Have the Best Dental Hygiene

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Before firing off a flirty GIF to one of your dating app suitors, have you ever stopped to consider why they've piqued your interest? Is it the witty one-liner in their profile? Their pet poogle? Or is it, as is the case in so many rom-coms, is it a universe-splitting, alabaster smile that does the trick? Data from a few of today's most popular dating apps suggests that the teeth definitely affect your love life.

On Tinder, smiling in a photo makes you 14 percent more likely to be swiped right compared to those who aren't smiling. Over at Hinge, women who smile with teeth are 76 percent more likely to receive engagement and men who smile without showing their chompers have 43 percent more success.

Beyond the aesthetics, I'm willing to bet that everyone values good oral hygiene (or at least those who keep up with their semi-annual teeth cleanings) in a romantic partner. And now, we know exactly which states boast residents who take the very best care of their mouths. By analyzing 26 metrics including factors like "dental professionals per capita" and "poor or fair oral conditions," researchers at WalletHub published  a report demonstrating how states stacks up against one another when it comes to "dental habits and health" and "oral health."

Connecticut, D.C., Rhode Island, Minnesota, and Massachusetts have the highest percentage of adults who visited the dentist office last year. And Minnesota, Hawaii, Illinois, Wyoming, and New Jersey have the fewest residents with "poor or fair" oral conditions. Should you call any of these states home, you can consider your dating pool primed.

Now for the not-so-great news: Those in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansa, Oklahoma, and West Virginia visited the dentist's chair the least in the past year. While Montana, Florida, Arkansas, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Oregon had the highest percentage of adults with "poor or fair" oral conditions.

No matter where you live, consider brushing up (pun intended) on what makes up a solid oral hygiene routine. Don't just do it for the swipe right, do it for you.

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