Is Vitamin K Cream the Secret to Making Your Make-Out Marks Vanish?

Photo: Stocksy/Jesse Morrow
Sure, you can totally fool folks into thinking your new French-girl chic turtleneck uniform is just part of your newfound love for all things hygge. But the truth? While you enjoy nothing more than being comfortable, there's a splotchy secret hiding under all those layers: a massive hickey. And you have no idea how to get rid of it.

While old-school methods, like applying a cold spoon or aloe vera to the "love bite," aren't so effective for getting rid of the awkward bruise on your neck (because, yes, hickeys are actually bruises!), you can potentially avert your crisis by grabbing some vitamin K.

Past research has shown a combination of arnica cream—a homeopathic pain reliever made from the arnica montana plant—and topical vitamin K can help reduce bruising.

New York City–based dermatologist Sejal Shah, MD, told Self that past research has shown a combination of arnica cream (a homeopathic pain reliever made from the arnica montana plant, which also lightens dark under-eye circles) and topical vitamin K can help reduce bruising, but there's no word on the cocktail's effect on hickeys in particular. But since bruises are bruises, Dr. Shah says it could totally be a viable solution.

While it's not a for-sure thing, using this combo definitely beats relying on chilled silverware—especially if you're in desperate need of a solution before your office holiday party. (Otherwise your convos are about to get really personal.)

In need of a turtleneck? Try this hot pink one. And, getting stuck in some small talk might actually be good for you—even if it's about hickeys.

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