Google’s Top Searches of the Year Show We Want Change—and We’re Ready to Make It

Getty Images: Westend61
If there's one thing you can thank President Trump for, it's that his election brought on a total feminist revolution. Women across the country—even those who previously had no interest in politics—have made it their mission to fight for their rights and what they believe in, be it through inspiring marches, telling their most personal #MeToo stories, or running for office. And one of the best ways ladies have ensured their voices get heard? Through voting—starting with looking up how to get the job done.

Every year, Google releases its Year in Search stats based on trillions of searches. While some of the stand-out trends include the keto diet and CBD gummies, the top two in the "How to..." category are none other than "how to vote" and "how to register to vote," proving Americans desperately want change and are more than ready to make it happen. The top search hits came from Texas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Idaho, but there wasn't a single state on the map where citizens weren't looking for the intel on how to hit the voting booths.

It might not feel like the world is changing on a daily basis, and there are plenty of headlines that'll make you feel like your efforts are going unnoticed. But out of the countless number of things people are searching for, this data couldn't be a more feel-good way to know positive things are coming—even if they don't come easy.

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