What to Do (and What to Eat) When Your Lady Bits Get Inflamed

The territory south of your leggings band can be extremely confusing at times. To full-bush or not to full-bush? Should you budget for a vaginapractor? And what do you mean there are flora down there? So if a case of nether-region inflammation (AKA bacterial trichomoniasis vulvovaginitis) sidelines you with external symptoms like itchiness and irritation—in addition to increased (and pungent) discharge and discomfort when peeing—you may feel daunted about how to go about treating it.

According to Adeeti Gupta, MD, founder of Walk In GYN Care in New York City, vulvovaginitis results from a vaginal imbalance that can be caused by something as simple as irritating clothing, or as an offshoot of more complex conditions like IBS, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, or thyroid conditions. Bacteria, often transmitted via sex, is probably the biggest cause. Luckily though, in many cases, says Dr. Gupta, you can restore the equilibrium in your va-jay-jay by tweaking your diet and applying a few at-home remedies until everything feels normal again.

Dr. Gupta recommends infusing all your meals with alkaline balanced foods like banana, avocado, green beans, sauerkraut, kimchi, and any source of probiotics.

Dr. Gupta recommends infusing all your meals with foods that are more alkaline, like banana, avocado, green beans, sauerkraut, kimchi, and any source of probiotics. (You know—just a few of your favorite things.)

Topically, Dr. Gupta advises skipping any non-natural, stringent soaps—and opting for castile or glycerin varieties instead—as well as soothing the vulvar area (right outside the entrance of the vagina) with coconut oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E—all of which are antimicrobial or anti-inflammatory.

If the condition persists, make an appointment with your OB/GYN to figure out exactly what's behind your current ailment, ASAP.  A medical professional will be able to prescribe you antifungals, like clotrimazole, or antibiotics, like metronidazole, according to Amesh Adalja, MD, a senior scholar at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

With a little luck, after a few days of avocado toast and intimate coconut oil massages, you'll be living your best vag life again.

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