These Super Comfy Grandpa Sneakers Are Seriously Speaking to the Mall Walker in Me

This week, Hush Puppies announced that they were launching new colors of their Power Walker shoes. As you can see here, these shoes are highly geriatric. Enough so that they're dubbing them "grandpa sneakers." The new colors in question are things like "seafoam" and "shrimp" (a, shall we say, descriptive—name for a shoe color). I mean, let's be honest: They will pair perfectly with all the pastel Taylor Swift 7 merch I'm going to buy. There's also a silver metallic, a bright blue, and your classic black and white colorways.

These orthopedic AF shoes were made for mall walking. They say, "I care about things like arch support," and "You can have your strappy sandals and chunky heels, but I will be far more comfortable and practical over here with my velcro." Check and check.

While "ugly" comfortable sneakers have been trending for a while, and while dad sneakers and chunky sneakers have been spotted all over the fashion runways, Instagram, and IRL at Cha Cha Matcha, grandpa sneaks really take things to the next level. And I'm actually into them. You know how some animals are so ugly that they're actually cute? Like opossums? (I was just told by several people that opossums are not cute even in an ugly way, but those people are wrong.) Yeah, that pretty much sums up my thoughts on these types of shoes.

But Allie, you may be thinking, don't you normally hate trends? How are "ugly" sneakers any better than platform sneakers? In response, let me direct you to this gif. And then I'll say, I think it's because we live in a time where comfort and style aren't mutually exclusive. And as someone who basically lives in leggings, nothing is more beautiful of a sentiment to me.

In that spirit, I've rounded up the comfiest sneakers of the season—some geriatric, some chunky, and some that are neither of those things but still feel like walking on clouds. Let the mall walking commence.

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