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Here’s How Walmart Plans to Step up Its Natural-Beauty Game in 2018

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Long gone are the days of putting anything and everything on your skin. Today, natural beauty is everywhere (Costco, AmazonSephora), and Walmart is the latest to commit to ensuring brands on its shelves are as clean as possible.

The retailer just announced that starting in 2018, it will focus on being more sustainable and transparent with its customers, with plans to host fewer chemical-laden products on its shelves. That means all Walmart suppliers—beauty, included—will have to meet a new standard, which is great news for your skin.

According to the press release, Walmart's new commitment means its suppliers will be expected to provide full ingredient disclosure of priority chemicals both online and on product packages. And considering a recent study found 83 percent of the 174 best-selling moisturizers labeled as hypoallergenic contained at least one chemical that was, indeed, potentially allergenic, there's no better time to be aware of exactly what's in the products you buy.

"We know our customers are interested in what goes into products and how they are made."

"We know our customers are interested in what goes into products and how they are made. It’s important for them, and we are advocating for them by encouraging innovation and transparency into that process," Zach Freeze, senior director of strategic initiatives for sustainability at Walmart, said in the press release.

Thanks to the new guidelines, Walmart expects to reduce its chemical footprint by 10 percent by 2022. Fewer chemicals, better products, healthier bodies—what more could you ask for? Avocado toast while you're shopping? You're already covered there.

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