Why Drinking Warm Water Will Help You Poop Regularly

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PSA: Your poop can tell you so much about your health. The latest intel it has to offer comes from a TikTok posted by Kelly Peterson, DPT, who goes by @the.belly.whisperer on the platform. If you're struggling to poop and/or bloated, Dr. Peterson's page is filled with tips and tricks to help with constipation and pooping regularly—like this colon massage for constipation relief and this video on diaphragmatic breathing. But one recent tip she shared stood out: a super easy method to help you poop more regularly. This is great for someone who feels like they're doing everything right, eating all the foods that make you poop, moving, and more.

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No, seriously, it's so easy: Drink warm water every morning and night. According to Dr. Peterson, this helps her poop one to three times a day.  "It stimulates my bowels and makes my tummy feel great," she writes in the comments section of the video. And no, your morning cup of hot coffee doesn't quite count—she says she drinks a glass of warm water before drinking her coffee.

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In Ayurveda, an ancient, holistic medicine practice that originated in India, it is recommended to drink warm or room temperature water for optimal digestion. "Cold liquid slows down the entire digestive system by constricting blood flow to the stomach and intestines and slowing enzyme secretion, which in turns can cause lymphatic stagnation and a slower metabolism," Surya Spa founder Martha Soffer previously told Well+Good. "Room temperature and warm water, however, have the opposite effect, helping increase circulation to your digestive system and stimulating your 'agni,' or digestive fire."

Drinking warm water, like water of any temperature, also helps you stay hydrated, which is key for healthy poops.

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