The One Thing Your Morning Shower Is Missing

It's so easy to install you can DIY.

Not to dis your supercharged coffee, but the best part of your a.m. routine is hands-down your morning shower (caffeine just can’t compete with your shower-singing sesh).

But if you’ve been going through life with a shower head that features only one spray setting, you’ve seriously been missing out. And Water Pik wants to help you change that.

With nine different sprays settings, the Torrent Handheld Shower with PowerPulse massage is a total-body game-changer. Want to transform your shower into a spa? Opt for the rain setting. Need to work on sore, HIIT-induced muscles? The PowerPulse massage setting is almost like using a foam roller. Plus, it’s so easy to install you can DIY.

When you start every morning of the week with what basically amounts to water therapy, you can definitely file this one under self-care.

Click here to transform your shower now.

In partnership with WaterPik.

Top photo: Stocksy/Lumina

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