High-Tech Hygge Alert: You Can Soon Use Your Kindle in the Bathtub

Photo: Stocksy/Trinette Reed
Whether you're prone to accidentally dripping essential-oil–infused water onto the pages of your favorite book or have been this close to dropping your e-reader right into the bubbles, reading in the bath has always been a challenge. Until now, that is.

Because Amazon is all about making your life easier—whether in the form of fresh produce delivery or a potential new venture into the online pharmacy space—the company's latest release is an update on the Kindle Oasis that makes the device waterproof. Yes, you could read while scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef if you really wanted.

The latest version—which starts at $250—has been tested for up to 60 minutes under water.

The product is helping Kindle lovers finally use their plastic Ziploc bags for something besides protecting the electronic device (like, maybe meal-prepping). According to CNN, the latest version—which starts at $250—is an inch bigger and has been tested for up to 60 minutes under water, giving it a waterproof rating of IPX8 (meaning it's safe to submerge in H2O).

The new release won't be available until October 31, but let the countdown to an elevated fall hygge game (i.e. more relaxing baths) begin.

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