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Ditch Your Clunky Rain Boots for These 6 Waterproof Sneakers

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I'm not a big fan of rain boots. They're clunky and pretty much always leave me with blisters. Waterproof sneakers, however, look great, fit comfortably, and go with everything in my wardrobe.

Waterproof sneakers are available in a wide variety of styles. I'm talking slip-ons, leather,  sock-like, lace-ups—you name it. There's something for everyone and every outfit.

The best waterproof sneakers for rainy days

1. Sorel Women's Out N About Sneaker, $100

waterproof sneakers

These neutral waterproof sneakers go with everything, from jeans to dresses. Thanks to the rain-ready design, you can go about your day without any wet feet worries.

Shop now: Sorel Women's Out N About Sneaker,, $100

2. Vessi Women's Cityscape Sneaker, $135

waterproof sneakers

These may look like regular sneakers, but don't be fooled. They're made from a patented waterproof breathable knit fabric that promises to keep your feet dry and cozy.

Shop now: Vessi Women's Cityscape Sneaker, $135

3. Helly Hansen W Cora Sneakers, $115

If you're a fan of slip-ons, this sneaker is for you. The versatile minimalist style can be be dressed down, or dressed up. It also features waterproof leather material, two-toned stretch lycra, and a comfortable insole.

Shop now: Helly Hansen W CORA Sneakers, $115

4. On Cloud Waterproof Sneakers, $150

These unique sneakers are called "cloud" for a reason. They have a patented zero-gravity foam sole that provides a cushioned landing as you're walking or running. There's also a waterproof membrane to keep you dry.

Shop now: On Cloud Waterproof Sneakers, $150

5. Sorel Women's Out N About Plus Sneaker, $75

waterproof sneakers

Aside from being totally waterproof, these sneakers also have traction to make sure you're not slipping around on any slick surface.

Shop now: Sorel Women's Out N About Plus Sneaker, $75

6. Columbia Women's SH/FT OutDry Mid Shoe, $75

These cozy sneakers have a sock-like fit, are made from waterproof and breathable materials, and have plenty of cushioning to keep your feet happy. You might never want to take them off.

Shop now: Columbia Women's SH/FT OutDry Mid Shoe, $75

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