Your Favorite Way to Cook Eggs, According to Your Zodiac Sign

You turn to your horoscope to guide you through your relationships, career, and personal growth—but what about your habits in the kitchen? (Yes, astrology is a total 360-degree life thing.) So next time you’re stumped over what to make for breakfast—or dinner, TBH—look to the stars for inspo, like we did with Eggland's Best.

Which brings us to eggs. Your astrological characteristics can reveal a lot about how you approach preparing food (looking at you, impatient Libras), including our fave style of how to eat everyone's protein-packed meal booster of choice.

The common denominator no matter what your star sign is? The fact that you're going to want to be eating the freshest eggs possible, regardless of how you're cooking them up. For that, opt for Eggland's Best farm-fresh eggs, which pack in extra nutrition compared to ordinary eggs (including more B vitamins, vitamin E, and folate) thanks to their vegetarian-fed hens.

Scroll down to see the best ways to cook eggs for your zodiac sign.

ways to cook eggs

Aries: Egg-Topped Avocado Toast

Independent Aries is always tempted to fly solo, but she's her best self when she accepts support from others—sort of like how avocado toast is delish on its own, but a certified culinary masterpiece when you add an egg (even better if it's an Eggland's Best egg for added nutrition). Spice things up by topping your toast with bacon and tomatoes, add sun-dried tomato pesto, or really turn up the heat with Zaatar spices and chili flakes.

Taurus: Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard-headed Taurus will gravitate toward hard-boiled EB eggs for their simplicity and practicality, but that doesn't mean they won't deliver on flavor and nourishment. Use them to top veggie-heavy ramen noodle bowls, mixed into fragrant spicy curry, or to accompany this anti-inflammatory breakfast soup.

Gemini: Deviled Eggs

The social butterfly of the zodiac, chatterbox Geminis are an obvious match for deviled EB eggs—AKA the ultimate sharable party dish. Bonus wellness points if you whip up these pretty beet or creamy guacamole versions for your next soiree.

Cancer: Over Easy Eggs

As a Cancer, you're everyone's most reliable and steady friend—sort of like how over easy is the reliably quick way to eat eggs (that's probably the first way you learned how to cook them). Fry up an Eggland's Best egg or two (until the whites are firm and the yolk starts to thicken) and toss it on top of your go-to veggie and farro bowl to up the nourishment factor, just like you like to nurture your relationships.

Leo: Sunny Side Up Eggs

Leos are outgoing and boisterous, and their sense of humor makes it easy for them to look on the bright side of situations—or should we say, the sunny side. Next time your fiery creativity is looking for a fresh take on breakfast, try turning your standard avocado toast into sweet potato toast, or throw together a quick breakfast pizza—all topped with sunny-side-up EB eggs, obviously, for an extra dose of vitamins and omega-3s. (Just make sure you cook them until the egg whites are firm so they're chef-approved delicious.)

ways to cook eggs

Virgo: Egg Salad

Some might call Virgos predictable, but you can't help it that you know what you like. EB egg salad is a practical, delicious, and versatile lunch that you can jazz up with pesto, avocado, or smoked salmon. Who said Virgos are boring?

eggland's best

Libra: Scrambled Eggs

Libras are all about harmony and keeping the balance, and honestly, who can argue with a good scrambled egg? And if you want to exercise your signature Libra creativity, try these Eggland's Best scrambled egg breakfast jars, a veggie stir fry, or this turmeric scrambled egg bake.

ways to cook eggs

Scorpio: Eggs Benedict

Scorpios bring passion to everything they do and aren't ones to back down from a challenge. So which sign is better suited for taking on the challenge of perfecting homemade eggs Benedict? Give it a wellness twist by adding turmeric to your hollandaise sauce or using grilled tuna as your base. Plus, using Eggland's Best eggs boosts your vitamin intake, so you'll be having a wellness-boosted breakfast all around.

Sagittarius: Breakfast Sandwich

Travel-obsessed Sagittarius appreciates the expediency of a healthy on-the-go breakfast. Try a veggie-loaded garden-style sandwich, go upscale with squash and caramelized onion, or really save time with better-for-you breakfast burritos you can make in advance—all with Eggland's Best eggs added in of course.

ways to cook eggs

Capricorn: Poached Eggs

Not everyone has the gumption for learning how to properly poach an EB egg, but dutiful Capricorns are the ones for the job. Once you've perfected your cooking technique, use your new creation to top a roasted asparagus salad, a tomato and mushroom quinoa bowl, or a veggie-stuffed bell pepper.

Aquarius: Frittata

Inventive and rebellious Aquarius can keep themselves endlessly entertained dreaming up new frittata recipes (because you really can't go wrong with a combo of veggies and baked EB eggs). Try it with okra and jalapeños, zucchini and goat cheese, pepperoni and olives, or crab and shallots. The sky (or the ingredients in your fridge) is the limit.

Pisces: Omelette

Pisces are known for their next-level creativity, and an Eggland's Best omelette provides them the perfect canvas for dreaming up delicious dishes that still provide comfort-food feels to nourish their sensitive side. Go for a Greek-inspired omelette with peppers and feta, a kitchen-sink-style veggie version, or a snappy asparagus and herb blend. Feel free to add extra cheese.

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