The Best Predictor for Bad Skin Days? Your Weather App

Photo: Stocksy/Sergey Filimonov
Wouldn't it be nice to have a little head's up when a bad skin day is about to go down? Unfortunately, asking your Magic 8-Ball isn't the most accurate way to find out your skin's future. But checking the weather on your phone just might do the trick.

A Redditor recently shared a unique skin-care hack that utilizes any weather app. Some weather apps—like the Weather Channel app—have a "dry skin index." Coupled with the UV index (you should be wearing SPF every day, by the way) and overall temp and humidity, you have all the intel you need to know on how to properly take care of your skin on particular days.

Looks like I'm moisturizing today...

So, how exactly do you use the info your weather app provides to upgrade your skin care routine? If it's super dry out, you'll know to slather on the moisturizer. And if the humidity is out of control, use products—like chemically exfoliating AHA/BHA cleansers and exfoliants—that will ensure the sticky, sweaty weather doesn't make you break out. Who knows—taking a quick glance between Instagram scrolls in the morning before going about your routine might really change the game for your skin.

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