I’ve Been Living My Life for the Moment When Wedgie-Free Underwear Is a Thing…

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If underwear isn't sold in some sort of get-'em-by-the-armful deal—like 5 for $20 (or even better, 20 for $5)—I don't buy them. At least, that's how I felt before. Now everything's changed, thanks to the life-altering experience of having a pair of panties that don't creep up my behind. "It's all been leading to this," I think to myself as I slip on a pair of newly acquired "sports briefs."

Sports underwear, as you might expect, is targeted to work well for workouts because it's especially tailored to solve #fitgirlproblems (as if your gym bag wasn't full enough already). These undies, which can cost $20 a pop, are frequently made of the same sweat-wicking wonder materials that you've come to know and love for other parts of your wardrobe, and I have to say...this has me excited. Mesh! Lycra! Spandex, oh my! Of all the things that I want to let "breathe"—skin, nails, etc.—my tush is definitely one of them.

"It's all been leading to this," I think to myself as I slip on a pair of newly acquired "sports briefs."

But what the sweaty set loves for breathability, I love even more for a less-talked-about-yet-equally-important feature: they're straight-up wedgie-proof. Around the seams, sports underpants have special ruching (or thick hems) that acts like a doorstopper, preventing the material from going a-ny-where once it's been stretched around my caboose.

Initially, I scooped them up because I'd hidden behind one too many trees while running to adjust the bunching silks and cottons in my butt. But if they work on runs, why not real life? After a short test drive in the hot-hot-cling-to-your-bod heat, I'm happy to report: They do! Take the stairs wedgie-free. Slide on jeans wedgie-free. Live your life wedgie-free. And yeah yeah, your butt can breathe too.

Keep scrolling for sports underwear that can help you get your (post-wedgie) life going ASAP.

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