Your Weekly Horoscope for March 31 to April 6, 2024

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Your weekly horoscope for March 31 to April 6, 2024, will bring you back into the past. April starts off with a Mercury retrograde in Aries on April 1 (lasting until April 24), which is when the planet appears to move in reverse in the sky. It’s been a while since Mercury backpedaled in Aries—in fact, since the spring of 2018. Try to think back to what you were focused on, or what was driving you nuts, during that time period: Similar topics and frustrations might pop up to be revisited.

When Mercury is retrograde in fire-sign Aries, we’re tasked with turning inward and reflecting on our personal goals and desires. This is a productive time to reconnect with your courage, fearlessness, and confidence. It’s time to put yourself first!

This is a productive time to reconnect with your courage, fearlessness, and confidence.

Also on April 1, the last quarter moon in Capricorn activates themes from the March 25 lunar eclipse in Libra. The day’s energy is all about release and letting go. Shortly after, two of the most romantic planets in the sky, Venus and Neptune, join together in Pisces on April 3, making it easy to feel enchanted by others and by life in general. This is a beautiful day for tender conversations and expressing declarations of love.

The sun in Aries meets with the north node (a point in the sky associated with fate and the future) in Aries on April 4, weaving destiny into your day. Any recognition you receive on this day feels meant to be and like it pushes you forward on your path.

On the same day, Venus, the planet of relationships and values, enters Aries, putting you in a bolder mood when it comes to going after what and whom you desire. Love affairs can heat up quickly but also have the potential to fizzle out just as fast. Before the week ends, however, Venus forms a supportive sextile aspect with transformative Pluto in Aquarius on April 6, imbuing more substance and depth into all of your close connections.

To learn more about what these cosmic moves have in store for you this week, read on to find your zodiac sign’s weekly horoscope for March 31 to April 6, 2024 (and read for your sun sign and your rising sign for the most accurate forecast).

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Key astrological events for your weekly horoscope from March 31 to April 6, 2024

  • Sunday, March 31: Moon enters Capricorn
  • Monday, April 1: Mercury retrograde in Aries
  • Monday, April 1: Last quarter moon in Capricorn
  • Wednesday, April 3: Moon enters Aquarius
  • Wednesday, April 3: Venus in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces
  • Thursday, April 4: Sun in Aries conjunct north node in Aries
  • Thursday, April 4: Venus enters Aries
  • Friday, April 5: Moon enters Pisces
  • Saturday, April 6: Venus in Aries sextile Pluto in Aquarius

Weekly horoscope by zodiac sign for March 31 to April 6, 2024


aries horoscope slide

You’re reconsidering how you show up in the world, Aries, when Mercury goes retrograde in your sign on April 1. No, this isn’t a cruel April Fool’s joke—it’s your cosmically aligned time to reflect on the way you express yourself and your priorities. This retrograde, more than others, might also bring some exes or old flames back into your orbit, so set boundaries accordingly.

Nostalgia may overpower your logical mind on April 3 when Venus and Neptune, both in Pisces, link up in the sky. You might wake up from a dream that feels like it was real or experience a sentimental moment while engaging in spiritual practice.

Luck is on your side once Venus, a planet of blessings, enters your sign on April 4. The next few weeks make you more magnetic than normal. You may feel like you’ve got a personal team of cheerleaders ready to hype up your every idea, thought, and move. This period also brings more steamy encounters if you’re dating and boosts your manifestation powers—so lead with confidence, and go after what you want.


taurus horoscope

When Mercury goes retrograde in Aries on April 1, you’ve got a one-way ticket to your subconscious mind, Taurus—and it’s time to be honest about the behavioral patterns holding you back. This retrograde offers support in restructuring your daily routine and habits, and releasing anything (or anyone) that’s overstayed its welcome.

Your dreams can come true when Venus meets up with Neptune in Pisces on April 3. The skies are romantic, creative, and inspirational. Someone glamorous might reach out about collaborating, or maybe you have a date night with a lover that feels truly otherworldly. Gentle and understanding conversations also unfold in your friendships and within your network.

Sharing vulnerably strengthens some of your important relationships when Venus in Aries syncs up with Pluto in Aquarius on April 6. In particular, if you’re feeling frustrated at work, opening up to a boss or trusted colleague can bring more understanding and support. You also have an air of mystery about you today that’s drawing others in!


gemini horoscope

Old friends or flames are about to reenter your life, Gemini, when Mercury goes retrograde in Aries on April 1. Some connections might be worth reigniting, while others, you might be ready to leave firmly in the past. This is also an important time to slow down and reassess some of your current goals and dreams. New avenues forward may present themselves by the end of the retrograde, and they will be worth considering.

Others are drawn to you when Venus and Neptune, both in Pisces, unite on April 3. If you’ve been fighting with a lover, coworker, or family member, this calming energy can help you find a middle ground. Your public life and professional reputation also get a glow-up today—don’t be shy in accepting the compliments headed your way.

A relationship with an acquaintance might venture into BFF territory or maybe even leave the friend zone when Venus in Aries meets with Pluto in Aquarius on April 6. Conversations today are revealing and bring you closer. You might also make some exciting plans for the future, perhaps formalizing a trip itinerary or an application for grad school.


cancer horoscope

You’re hitting pause on your current goals and life path, Cancer, when Mercury goes retrograde in Aries on April 1. The next few weeks invite you to reconsider your professional life: Does the work you’re contributing to the world still feel fulfilling? Old coworkers, bosses, and even exes can return to your sphere, and slowdowns or misunderstandings can happen at work; patience is key.

When Venus and Neptune join forces in Pisces on April 3, you might receive some news that warms your heart—or have some sweet news of your own to share. This is also a beautiful energy for having heartfelt conversations with a lover or close friend.

Your gifts and talents are catching others’ eyes when Venus enters Aries on April 4. Ask for that raise, share your side hustle or creative musing online, or take a stab at going viral. People are curious to know what you’re up to and what you have to say.


leo horoscope

Your mindset is undergoing a quick refresh, Leo, thanks to Mercury retrograde in Aries on April 1. You might consider returning to school or picking up an old subject or hobby of interest, or maybe you’re rethinking your next steps. Just take note: The next few weeks can also bring an increase of confusion, misunderstanding, and travel delays, so plan accordingly, and don’t be afraid to over-communicate.

You’re overflowing with love on April 3 when Venus and Neptune, both in Pisces, link up. This is a great day to be vulnerable and intimate with a lover and to express the feelings you’ve perhaps been keeping to yourself. Your closest connections feel like they are growing deeper on a soul level, and this energy is an important reminder of how healing it can be when you lean on your support network.

Discussions and negotiations in your life can move along quickly and in an intriguing manner when Venus in Aries syncs up with Pluto in Aquarius on April 6. You might make plans for the future with a lover, book a dream vacation, receive some news that feels transformative, or exchange heartfelt sentiments with someone special.


virgo horoscope

You’ve got money on your mind, Virgo, once Mercury goes retrograde in Aries on April 1. The next few weeks are an important time for you to get your finances in order. (Don’t be surprised if some unexpected expenses pop up along the way.) This is also an emotionally charged time during which you might be reflecting on your past and clearing out any baggage that’s been weighing you down. You’re also more aware of the give-and-take in your relationships and who truly has your best interests in mind.

It might feel like you’re the star of your very own rom-com when Venus and Neptune, both in Pisces, team up in the sky on April 3. There is more harmony and compassion in all of your interactions, and it’s easy to feel inspired by loved ones. For some, this sweet conjunction might also mean an engagement or another relationship milestone worth celebrating.

You could learn about a new financial prospect or make progress on paying down debt when Venus enters Aries on April 4. You’re feeling like you’re in a better position with your resources, which gives you a sense of both financial and emotional stability.


libra horoscope

Here come your exes, Libra. The next few weeks of Mercury retrograde have old flames asking you for one more chance! Your weekly horoscope for March 31 may also bring some disruption in your current relationships, inviting you to address anything that’s been left unsaid. (If you’re working on a collaborative project, you could face some temporary setbacks, too.)

Your daily routine gets a little glow-up when Venus in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces link up in the sky on April 3. You might be taking on a new responsibility or project that invokes your compassionate or creative side. This is also lovely energy for engaging in some self care and witnessing the magick that exists within your everyday life.

Passion is in the air on April 6 when Venus in Aries connects with Pluto in Aquarius. This is a steamy day to test new things out in the bedroom, pitch a creative project to someone important, or launch yourself back into the dating world. Who you are and what you share today can easily gain the traction and support of others.


scorpio horoscope

Watch out for overdoing it, Scorpio, once Mercury goes retrograde in Aries on April 1. It’s really easy to overextend yourself and feel burdened by all of your commitments. Your weekly horoscope for March 31 reminds you that setting boundaries is necessary for your well-being and also helps you kick any habits that you’ve outgrown and replace them with more aligned behaviors.

It’s hard not to feel grateful for the life you’re living when Venus in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces join together in the sky on April 3. You might feel like you’re moving through your day with luck on your side—and you are! This is an ideal time to cold-call a potential business collaborator or even tell someone special that you love them.

You’re finding more balance in your everyday life once Venus enters Aries on April 4. This brings a moment of relief amid the ongoing Mercury retrograde drama. On this day, you could feel like you’re falling in love with the simple things in your life that you’ve previously taken for granted. If you’re single, you could also meet a partner in the most cliché or boring of places… like at the grocery store or while running errands.


sagittarius horoscope

Your weekly horoscope for March 31 has you either all-in or about to call it quits, Sagittarius! When Mercury goes retrograde in Aries on April 1, it brings attention to your romantic relationships, both past and present. Old lovers might pop back into your life to make amends or even rekindle a flickering flame. If you’re in a situationship, you might also use this retrograde energy to decide if you’re willing to take the next step with this person. This is also an aligned time to return to old projects that you started but never finished.

When Venus in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces meet up on April 3, you could have an emotional day. It’s easy to get caught up in your sensitivities and romanticize the past. On the bright side, this conjunction can bring healing and nurturing energy for addressing any family riffs or tension within your close relationships.

Your conversations may be deeper than normal on April 6 when Venus in Aries syncs up with Pluto in Aquarius. You might be writing something cathartic, connecting with your voice in a powerful way, or sharing something vulnerable you’ve kept to yourself. Any type of self-expression today is liberating and possibly even healing for your inner child.


capricorn horoscope

Family drama could bubble up to the surface for you, Capricorn, when Mercury goes retrograde in Aries on April 1. The next few weeks might feel heavy as you’re pushed to confront your past in new ways. This is the time to process repressed feelings and air out any grievances with family members. You may also simply feel more nostalgic and revisit some of your old hangouts from when you were a kid.

Fortunately, you’re able to smooth over any tension that’s come up amid the retrograde on April 3 when Venus and Neptune, both in Pisces, sync up in the sky. There is a healing and compassionate tone to your conversations on this day; people are more open-minded and understanding. You could also learn some news or receive an opportunity that feels like it’s plucked straight from one of your dreams.

You’re feeling more emotionally grounded when Venus in Aries mingles with Pluto in Aquarius on April 6. This is a beautiful day to lean on your chosen family for support. You might also wake up to a surprising gift from a family member or loved one.


aquarius horoscope

Mentally prepare yourself for miscommunication, Aquarius, once Mercury goes retrograde in Aries on April 1. Out of all the zodiac signs, you’ll be affected by Mercury retrograde in the most classic of ways, as it hits the communication sector of your chart. In turn, the next few weeks could bring misunderstandings, technological snafus, and travel delays. You might also deal with some gossip here and there, so take an extra look around you before you speak about anyone.

You’re feeling blessed and grateful for your financial situation when Venus and Neptune, both in Pisces, unite in the sky on April 3. Perhaps you’re taking on a new creative project or even a side hustle that feels more fulfilling than your 9-to-5.

Others are ready to show up and support your goals when Venus in Aries teams up with Pluto in Aquarius on April 6. This is the day to make an important announcement and soak up the spotlight. Deep conversations with a BFF can also leave you feeling more empowered and confident.


pisces horoscope

It’s time to rein in your spending, Pisces, once Mercury goes retrograde in Aries on April 1. This is the moment to whip out that budget spreadsheet or app. Also, take note: You can expect checks to get lost in the mail and annoying snafus with anything you order online, like the company sending you the wrong size by accident.

You’re the main character and belle of the ball when Venus and Neptune, both in your sign, meet at the same point in the sky on April 3. Don’t be surprised if you hear from a secret admirer on this day—people can’t seem to get enough of you! This is one of the best days of the year for you to take a sexy selfie and share it with the world, or to experiment with your style, try out a new haircut, or even get a tattoo.

Some financial relief could be on its way on April 4 thanks to Venus entering Aries. Maybe an old co-worker reaches out about a job opportunity, or your boss lets you know that you’re up for a promotion. At any rate, you could have access to new resources and increased confidence in your skills and what sets you apart from others.

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