We Want to Talk (Super Honestly) About Weight Loss—and Hear Your Story

Plus, you could win a WW Freestyle membership!

Feeling confident in your own skin is worthy of *all* the raised hand emojis—and also a totally personal experience. Don’t want to change a thing about your body? Awesome. Want to make changes to feel amazing or prioritize your health? That’s cool, too.

And that brings us to the “W” word: Weight. It’s 2018, and yet that topic can still feel complicated. But starting today, we’re making space for a new way of thinking—and sharing.

We teamed up with Weight Watchers—specifically the brand-new, feel-good program WW Freestyle—to promote a new realness and openness.

And that’s where you come in. It all starts with sharing your truth and your journey so others can be inspired.

Are you a Weight Watchers member, or have you been one in the past? Do you want to try it for the very first time? Share your personal story with us, below, and you’ll be entered to win an all-inclusive WW Freestyle membership.

We’ll be selecting three women to try the program, tell us about their experience, and be featured on Well+Good. Because we’re all in it together—and the conversation starts now.


In partnership with Weight Watchers

Photo: Stocksy/Victor Torres

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