Found: the Lazy Girl’s Mess-Free Solution for Frozen Avocados

Photo: Getty Images/Stephanie Rausser
There are two types of people in this world: Those who love squishing avocados between their fingers before mushing the mixture into ice-cube trays to freeze for future smoothie use, and those who would prefer not covering themselves (and, in all likelihood, their kitchen) in delicious green slime. No matter which camp you personally identify with, you might be wise to stock your freezer with a new product from Welch's to make meal-prepping the fruit as easy as possible in a pinch.

The next time you're at the grocery store (online destinations like Amazon and Walmart are currently fresh out), keep your eyes peeled for one of the best sights…ever: bag upon bag of frozen avocado chunks. There are plenty of reasons—beyond saving you a big mess, of course—to give the genius product, which allows you to be a bit lazier, a try. According to Welch's, the avocados are frozen when they're perfectly ripe, so you can avoid playing the guessing game when buying a bag. And since they come in chunks, you don't need to worry about accidentally cutting yourself via "avocado hand" while trying to get your fix.

Smoothies aren't the only thing you can use the frozen goodies for, either. Stick them into sandwiches, blend them into dressings, or even use them to create an oh-so-creamy chocolatey avocado pudding—the limit does not exist here! And with 10- or 32-ounce-bag options, you'll never run out. Once you get over the "why didn't I think of that" face-palm line of thinking, just make room in your freezer and keep living the good, green life.

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