How to Overcome Self Doubt and Land Your Dream Job, According to a Well+Good Editor

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Committing to going after your dream job can feel too surreal to even imagine, let alone execute (there's a reason it's called your dream job). Whether it's straying from the field you studied in college or moving halfway across the world, making that leap in the name of a career change is scary.

For Well+Good senior beauty editor Ali Finney, the obstacle between her and her dream job was her fear of moving from her home state of Texas to New York. Despite her hesitation, her gut told her to take the plunge—and after a few years of mustering her courage, she finally packed her bags for the city.

The change didn't equal instant success in her search for landing an editorial gig (she worked for a few ad agencies before breaking into writing and editing full time), but the journey taught her to value the perspective gained along the way.

"In a lot of moments where I wasn’t sure about myself or my writing, I used to listen to this Ira Glass quote on repeat about how it takes a lot of time to become the kind of writer you want to be," Finney says. "It’s still a process. I’m not there yet."

Now as the resident beauty expert at Well+Good, Finney uses her platform to inspire confidence in other women—whether it's with her expert takes on must-have beauty products or by channeling her authentic style (New Balance kicks included).

Scroll down to get her empowering tips on chasing your dreams—plus her take on how self-expression fits into the picture.

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On landing your dream job

Once I found beauty I was pretty sure that I wanted to stay in it. My first job was as the beauty assistant in the Elle beauty department, and then I was a beauty writer at Women’s Health before coming to Well+Good.

Honestly, I never even knew that being a beauty editor was a job until I moved to New York. But now I see how much beauty has the power to inspire and empower people, and I think that it’s so awesome to be in an industry that’s able to bring joy to people’s days. Anytime someone shares an article I worked on that helped them, I count it as a success.

"If you’re on the fence about a job, take it!"

My biggest advice is if you’re on the fence about a job, take it! Contacts are invaluable and experience is key. You’ll learn amazing things along the way that will shape you and make you even better at what your dream is because you’ll have perspective.

new balance sneakers

On practicing balance

I front load my day so that all of the thought-provoking work happens in the morning (the writing, the editing, the ideating). As the day wears on, I try to do things that use my more socialable talents like taking desk-side meetings, going to events, and the like.

Setting myself up this way helps the progression of my day so that I don’t go home and feel like I need to be on my computer all night. But! There are nights that happens, and I think you have to operate on a plus-minus system. More non-working nights than working ones even the scales.

"You have to operate on a plus-minus system. More non-working nights than working ones even the scales."

That concept of balance applies to the seasons, too. Summer Fridays are cool and all, but the sun shines from Monday to Thursday just the same, so book things now and then use the winter to go inward.

new balance sneakers

On personal expression through style

My personal style centers around classic staples, but I like to add a twist here and there that incorporates my personality.  You only have one shot to show the world who you are and express yourself, and style is a very easy, attainable way to do that.

"Shoes are like the icing on the cake for any outfit."

One of the easiest ways to pull together a look is with a sleek pair of shoes. Shoes are like the icing on the cake for any outfit, and I really feel like they give you the vibe that you’re looking to achieve, which for me is relaxed and chill.

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