Introducing the Well+Good Council, Your Personal Health Squad

As a modern woman of the world, you’ve got questions: Should you try acupuncture? Why are you getting night sweats? Is that post-lunch cookie what’s giving you a headache right now?

Seriously—we feel you. And that’s why we hand-picked the ultimate expert health squad to dole out all of the answers: The Well+Good Council, launching today!

Made up of a supergroup of 16 wellness thought-leaders—think New York Times best-selling authors (Candice Kumai), expert physicians (Robin Berzin, MD), and healthy celebs (Miranda Kerr!)—each Council Member will share the latest research, advice, and personal healthy passions to inspire you right now, and in the coming weeks and months on Well+Good.

First up? We’re offering up all of the sugar facts you need to know for our Food+Nutrition week—including info on how the sweet stuff affects your body, and smarter snacks to reach for (shout out, siggi’s yogurt!).

And it doesn’t stop there. Check out all of the cutting-edge nutrition intel on Well+Good now, and look for life-changing tips from the Well+Good Council every day. Questions, answered.

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Top photo: Stocksy/Lumina

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