Healthy Holiday Gift Guide: Well+Good Editors’ Picks

Shopping for holiday gifts is a delicate dance. You want to get something the other person will enjoy, but you also want it to feel personal; what you picked out should have a little bit of you in it. And, additionally, chances are you know at least a couple of people who are incredibly difficult to shop for—they have everything or they have very specific taste, or likely, both.

Our editors spend a lot of time investigating what's cool—whether it's the most wait-listed cardigan, the most divine teddy bear coats, or some embellished kicks. Despite coming close to shopping sensory overload, they're here to help you select winning gifts for the people you love most. These are the things they're be gifting (sometimes to themselves!).

Check out the Well+Good editors' guide to holiday shopping.

Ultracor Fit Starlight Swarovski Leggings, $275

These crystal-embellished tights are a fun way to add a little sparkle to your next sweat sesh.

—Jordan Galloway, Senior Editor

Norma Kamali Sleeping Bag Coat, $600

This coat's iconic silhouette will never go out of style. And the fact that it’s super-warm—while still being lightweight—means it’s easy to stash in your suitcase or carry-on when traveling from cold to tropical climates.

—Jordan Galloway, Senior Editor

The Setting Liquid Blue Mug, $80

Taking the time to make myself a frothy oat milk latte or cup of steaming golden milk is my favorite self-care ritual, and something I do every day. This beautiful mug will make it feel even more special.

—Emily Laurence, Senior Food and Health Editor

The Giving Keys Classic Key Necklace, $28

Every year, instead of making resolutions, I choose a word I hope to personify for the next 365 days, a mantra of sorts. Having it engraved on one of these keys—made by people transitioning out of homelessness—serves as a simple (and beautiful!) reminder.

—Emily Laurence, Senior Food and Health Editor

Morgan Lane Langley Robe, $398

Weekend goal: Spend all day lounging around in this silky robe, reading magazines, and drinking coffee.

—Emily Laurence, Senior Food and Health Editor

Les Petits Jouers Trilly Heart Velvet Shoulder Bag, $570

I'm a big fan of anything that seems like a cross between Italian catholic imagery, Renaissance art, and Fiorucci in the '80s. For me, more is more (not less), and this seems like a *slightly* subtle way to let someone know you love them.

—Tamim Alnuweiri, Assistant News Editor

Julisis Gold Elixir Day, $295

Yes, it’s a steep price tag for a skin-care product, but this serum is *actually* infused with real gold (oh, and red rubies). Consider this my dream method for protecting my skin from pollution and getting a crystal-powered glow.

–Rachel Lapidos, Associate Editor, Beauty

Vitamix A2500 Blender, $450

This do-it-all powerful device is the holy grail for tiny kitchens. (Well, at least it would be for my tiny kitchen!)

—Alexis Gutter, Senior News Editor

Minted Custom Foil Quotes, $264

I never met an Instagram mantra I didn’t love, and these customizable Minted prints would allow me to “post” a favorite at home, where I can see it every day.

—Liz Plosser, Senior Vice President of Content

Lauren Gabrielson The Hobey Bomber, $195

I had my lucky number (7) embroidered on this coat in pink cursive, and it’s become my go-to blazer alternative. It’s super-cute hanging off your shoulders, too.

—Liz Plosser, Senior Vice President of Content

Wild Precious Life The First, $165

This fragrance was created by my dear friend Lucy Firestone, and her sister Mary, two sunny wellness-obsessed, super-cool and chic Cali girls who included notes of sandalwood, coconut, grapefruit, and lavender, among other scents. It's simultaneously calming and energizing in a really magical way.

—Liz Plosser, Senior Vice President of Content


MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote, $215

Living in NYC means having a stylish yet functional bag is a must—especially since I'm usually toting around a ton of stuff for fitness classes, errands, and events. This nylon bag is super chic, lightweight, and the perfect size for carrying everything I need. It's also a great for storing personal items on flights.

—Mercey Livingston, Editorial Assistant

Everlast Women's Powerlock Gloves, $37

I recently became (unexpectedly) obsessed with boxing, and it would be great to have my own set of gloves so I don’t have to worry about renting them at the studio!

—Mercey Livingston, Editorial Assistant

Summersalt The Sidestroke, $95

Have a winter getaway planned? I just put this one-piece by Summersalt to the ultimate test (sand, sunscreen, and snorkeling) and found it not only held up to the elements, but kept me feeling chic all day long—not to mention, it got some serious love on Instagram. Bonus: Summersalt’s suits are made with sustainability in mind (from recycled materials!)

—Abbey Stone, Managing Editor

Anthropologie Sleek Petite Planner, $24

Ever since I was issued a Treo (remember those?) in the mid-aughts as part of my duties as an editor for The Associated Press, I have been calendar-ing the digital way. But I unearthed my 2005 and 2004 daybooks recently, and a flood of memories came back. I swear, the things I wrote in pen are saved in a deeper place than the blur of typing I’ve been doing for the past 10 years. (Sad—but science agrees.) So in 2018, I’d love to make this tiny, chic notebook my scheduling BFF.

—Erin Hanafy, Executive Editor

Thera360 Infrared Portable Sauna, $800

The gift of sweating is really underrated. For me, unwrapping fa-la-la presents like woolen hats, scarves, and gloves is nice (especially since I tend to lose them on a regular basis in cabs!), but I’d trade them all in for the chance to do some major detoxing at home whenever the need strikes.

—Erin Hanafy, Executive Editor

Dyson Humidifier, $500

As the weather gets colder (and dryer), my skin takes a beating. And despite slathering on all the moisturizer and oils I can, I still need a little boost. This humidifier taps UV light technology to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria before misting the air. Please, Santa!

—Ali Finney, Senior Editor, Beauty

Haptic Lab Constellation Quilt, $450

Since I can’t stargaze in NYC, I’d like to do so on this quilt. Bonus: It’s packed with a lavender sachet to send you to dreamland in an instant.

—Ali Finney, Senior Editor, Beauty

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