Newsflash: Well+Good Named One of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies

Anna Kaiser at a Well+Good reader event at the Surf Lodge in Montauk, NY. Photo: Well+Good
Today, Fast Company announced that Well+Good is one of the most innovative companies in wellness—part of the business magazine's annual ranking, which this year also includes groundbreaking brands as Apple, Amazon, and Netflix. (Cue endorphins and heart palpitations from something other than a HIIT class.)

As a female-founded and female-led company that’s grown from a two-person operation in 2009 into a digital brand that reaches a community of 10 million people—and has consistently created next-level content and events for readers—Well+Good has always been about discovering and sharing innovations in wellness, through our journalistic (and super fun) lens.

Well+Good most innovative companies in the world
The Well+Good Council launch party. Photo: Tim Gibson

“It feels amazing to have our innovative voice in wellness get recognized in this way,” says Well+Good co-founder and chief content officer, Melisse Gelula. “From the beginning, we’ve demystified wellness and steered the conversation away from weight loss and calorie counting and toward the practice of finding fun workouts you love and falling in love with foods that make you feel amazing.”

The company’s boot-strapping approach to media—with no investor money, BTW—has fueled some of our earliest innovations, from the first Wellness Trends predictions back in 2009 to Refrigerator Look Books and our product collaborations with brands like Juice Generation and Red Flower.

It’s all about our mission to make wellness not just something you read about on Well+Good—but get more of offline. And this year we’ve taken some big leaps in this regard. We’ve launched...
Well+Good Retreats (join us!), where we curate and host next-level getaways led by the hottest fitness and wellness stars, so our readers can use their precious vacation time to go deep into renewal mode.
Well+Good Talks, which brings the most thought-provoking, pioneering voices and topics in the healthy-living world together IRL, moderated by our founders, Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula.
Well+Good Council, our handpicked health squad of best-selling authors, wellness entrepreneurs, and healthy-minded celebs who are leading—and shaking up—the wellness scene.
Good Travel and Good Home, two new verticals that further our goal of covering all the topics where wellness and life intersect. (See what Fast Company said about our expansion into the healthy home terrain.)

Well+Good most innovative companies in the world
Founders Melisse Gelula, left, and Alexia Brue. Photo: Jaimie Baird

“We’ve taken immense joy in finding innovative ways to share the latest news, trends and advice in the wellness space, whether through our Well+Good Council, one of our signature events, or through video,” says Well+Good co-founder and CEO Alexia Brue. “We are the go-to for staying current on new, trends, and advice in the wellness space, and we’re so thrilled that our team is getting some recognition for that.”

Since dreaming up what you want to read about, watch, and experience is what gets the Well+Good team going every matcha-fueled morning, we want to thank YOU for being a constant source of inspiration—and innovation. Please take a moment today to raise a glass of green juice or kombucha to celebrate with us!

And we’d love to hear from you on our Facebook or Instagram feeds with your high-fives—or your thoughts on what you’d like to see us do next!

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