Reporting for Duty From the Well+Good Retreat in Palm Springs

Photos: Hanna Yamamoto

I'm standing next to a palm tree, staring up at the leafy green tip tops, which are towering 50 feet overhead, and I feel small. The next second, I glance over at a mountain and realize that, compared to the peaks in the distance, this tree looks small. And then I wonder if Well+Good co-founders Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula weren't quite metaphorical when choosing Palm Springs as the backdrop for the inaugural Well+Good Retreat, co-led by Candice Kumai and Charlee Atkins because this special location offers something unique: perspective.

This special location offers something unique: perspective.

And not just the kind you used to talk about in art class. Women from around the globe have joined us here at the Avalon Hotel Palm Springs to find a new point of view on some aspect of their lives. Whether that's learning to embrace the kitchen and, in a small act of kindness for oneself, make a dinner. Or figuring out how to string together a HIIT workout that only requires a mat and some determination. There's a sense of self-betterment in the air...and it's only day one.

Keep scrolling for some of our views from the Well+Good Retreat.

Avalon Palm Spring

The Well+Good Retreat is taking place at the Avalon Hotel in Palm Springs, which has midcentury modern-meets-Art Deco vibes. (It was designed by Kelly Wearstler, after all.)

Drunk Elephant

Every retreater is being mailed a non-toxic beauty Drunk Elephant trunk post-retreat.

Avalon workout class

We rolled out the mats for the first Le Stretch class under the breezy tree tops with the mountains in the distance.

Matcha whisk

For our Facebook Live audience, Candice Kumai gave a quick lesson on what you'll need to make a perfectly blended matcha.

Kale Cesar

In her first cooking demonstration, Kumai shared how to make a Miso Kale Caesar Salad, from her upcoming book Kintsugi Wellness.

Avocado Miso Mushroom Bowl

Kumai also showed how to make this dreamy looking Avocado Miso Mushroom Bowl—another fab recipe from her new collection.


Dinner was served under the stars for a night of al fresco dining. It was a sampling of the foods that Kumai demonstrated earlier in the day.

Hurom mocktails

There evening ended with a nightcap: Before heading to bed, we sipped on mocktails and got ready for an early morning matcha workshop. See you guys tomorrow!

Get to know more about our retreat leaders Candice Kumai and Charlee Atkins—plus, a sneak peak inside the Avalon Hotel

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