The Sweat Sessions That Get This Sci-Fi TV Star in Demon-Slaying Shape

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Today we're quizzing actress Katherine McNamara of Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments, TV's take on the popular Mortal Instruments novels. McNamara does her own stunts on the sci-fi fantasy show, which means her fitness regimen includes weapons training (yes: swords, knives, and bows and arrows—everything in the demon-slaying arsenal).  

The workout I’m currently obsessed with

I just started going to this studio called the Sweat Shoppe in Los Angeles. It's a cycling gym with a twist: It's spin class in a hot yoga-style room. They literally turn up the heat with this class so you can spin and sweat it out at the same time. I am completely head-over-heels for this workout. It's simultaneously energizing and exhausting!

My most memorable sweaty moment

One of my favorites happened on the set of Shadowhunters. I was shooting a training/fight scene with Matt [Daddario who plays Alec Lightwood]. It was the middle of summer, inside a sound stage with no air conditioning, in a small room with tons of crew, lights, etc... Between takes of the scene I nearly crawled into the air conditioning tubes they brought in, but the sweat was worth it. The scene came together great.

The one place I’d never wear yoga pants

Is it unacceptable to wear yoga pants everywhere? Maybe to the movies. I get too cold in the theater for yoga pants!

My mantra of the moment

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." It's a Henry David Thoreau quote I found years ago and fell in love with.

I never make a smoothie without adding

Some kind of vegetable. I am such a freak for a good veggie. You can hide it with fruit or highlight it with other veggies, but the added vitamins are always a plus.

The one song that I’ve been playing on repeat

Recently I've been listening to Halsey's album Badlands. Her sound is so interesting and her music takes such unexpected turns. I never get tired of it.

Where I go when I need to be alone

My bedroom. I have it decorated in calming colors with lots of fluffy pillows. I also have a wall of white fairy lights I use as a memory wall. I hang old photos, ticket stubs, and other memories between the lights. It's my place to just be and think and decompress.

The one wellness trend you’ll never see me try

Acupuncture. I'm not great with needles, [so] the thought of using needles stuck into my skin for a long period to time to relax me is simply an oxymoron for me. Good for the people that can handle it, but some things are just not for everyone.

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