Back-to-Busy Season Is Here, and These 5 Wellness Products From Walmart Are Here To Help You Reboot Your Routine

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Winter is coming—and we're here to help prep your beauty routine for the colder months ahead. Consider this your preview of everything you need to upgrade your lineup this season, complete with intel on how to score major savings. Shop Now

There's something uniquely satisfying about back-to-school shopping. The blank-slate feeling of cracking open a new notebook. The excitement of shopping for cool-weather wardrobe staples, and the small thrill of picking out your first-day-of-school outfit.

Starting this year, we're channeling that same back-to-school joy into our wellness routines so that transitioning from laidback summer vibes to busy fall schedules feels less stressful and more like a fresh start.

To help you make it happen, we rounded up a few of our favorite back-to-busy season staples that you can snag during the Walmart Beauty Glow-Up Event, where you'll find savings on hundreds of self-care essentials online and in store from now until Sept. 24.

Think of it as your own back-to-school shopping list—with a wellness spin to help save you time, support your immune system (we see you lurking, cold season), and keep you feeling confident as you wave goodbye to summer and hello to fall.

Shop back-to-busy wellness essentials

Nouri Stay Well Digestive and Immunity Blend Stick Pack, Lemonade Flavor, 14 Count

Back-to-busy season could also be dubbed under-the-weather season. Get ahead on supporting your immune system and gut health with lemonade-flavored drink packets that are loaded with prebiotics, probiotics, immunobiotics, and daily vitamins.

iHome Vanity Mirror

Instead of haphazardly trying to apply your makeup during your commute, try to carve out a few minutes of Zen time while you get ready in the morning. Play your favorite playlist, podcast, or meditation from this handy Bluetooth vanity mirror, and start your day feeling centered and poised for success.

Sunwink Cacao Clarity

Getting back into your routine isn’t always easy, especially when you hit that afternoon slump. This delicious cacao-based superfood mix (which you can drink hot or cold) provides caffeine-free energy and focus thanks to organic adaptogens such as lions mane, maca powder, and reishi mushroom extract. So you can skip your third coffee of the day.

Gimme Pattern Ponytail Holder Hair Tie, 8 Count

Let’s be real—we could all use a restock on hair ties (seriously, how do they get lost so easily?), especially because back-to-busy season equals more days of throwing your hair up to save some time. You’ll love these gentle elastics that won’t pull on your strands.

Thayers Blemish Clearing Salicylic Acid and Witch Hazel Acne Pads, 60 Count

Looking to cut down on how much energy you spend on your skin-care routine (cause ain’t nobody got time for a 10-step regimen anymore)? These pre-soaked exfoliating pads will leave your skin feeling renewed, soothed, and hydrated after just a few swipes. Consider them your back-to-busy beauty secret.

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