Jessica Alba Would Like To Help You Shop for the Impossible People in Your Life

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We all have those people in our lives that make holiday shopping a panic-inducing endeavor. What the heck are you supposed to get the aunt who has everything, or your partner's cousin's husband who you had the misfortune of drawing in this year's digital Secret Santa? Honestly, I don't know. But thankfully Jessica Alba does.

To help you check people off your list, we tapped Alba's expertise to share her recommendations for wellness gift ideas to give the impossible people in your life. Whether it's the mom who could use a little bit of me-time or the in-law who has spent their quarantine becoming a pro-level chef, she's got your shopping covered.

1. The person who has spent quarantine becoming a five-star chef

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Whether your pal's been baking banana bread for the last nine months or whipping up five-star meals, help them restock their kitchen with a few of Alba's faves. "The Brightland Olive Oil is one of my go-to gifts for my foodie friends," says Alba. "It’s a female-founded business and the products are made in Napa in small batches, taste amazing and never bitter, and look so chic on your countertop." The mini essentials set includes three of the brand's olive oils, plus Alba's favorite balsamic vinegar.

Shop now: Brightland Mini Essentials Set, $75

2. The person who is 10 steps ahead of the latest wellness trends

Alba's a fan of decorating her home with crystals and keeps shungite on her nightstand because it's believed to help protect from the electromagnetic fields from cellphones and laptops. Help your wellness-loving friend expand their own crystal collection with this chic set "The unique cluster of stones will help encourage healing and positivity in their space," says Alba. "Plus, the gorgeous grid will look beautiful hanging in anyone’s home, it’s functional art."

Shop now: Ariana Ost Small Flower Crystal Grid, $75

3. The supermom who has been doing it all throughout 2020

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"After the year we’ve had, the thing Mama needs most is a little me-time," says Alba. "The Honest Company's Me Moment Soaking Salts will give her some time to recharge and refresh. After a long day, there’s nothing I love more than a warm bath." Baths are known to be stress-reducing on their own, and adding these calming elements will make any mom's kid-free time feel extra special.

Shop now: Honest Me Moment Soaking Salts, $15

4. The person who is always down to try a new workout

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Non-stop at-home workouts are a recipe for soreness, so why not treat your loved one to a little high-tech recovery? "I’ve been loving the Hypervolt Plus," says Alba. "Anyone who works out a lot needs this! You can use this at your desk or while watching TV to unlock tight muscles, it’s definitely a splurge but it really works." The device uses percussive therapy to loosen up muscle tightness and will leave your entire body breathing a sigh of relief after a single session.

Shop now: Hypervolt Plus by HyperIce, $299

5. Absolutely anyone will like this

Photo: Lunya

2020 was the year that pajamas became acceptable everyday wear (and bless up for that), so why not upgrade your recipient's WFH wardrobe with a luxurious silk set? "I love to gift a pair of chic pajamas from Lunya," says Alba. "Sweats and PJs are pretty much the 2020 uniform, and they have the perfect elevated sets made of washable silk." This one comes in six different colors, which means you can give a different set to everyone on your list.

Shop now: Lunya Washable Silk Button Down Pant Set, $258

6. The friend whose bathroom already looks like a skin-care store

Shop now: Honest Beauty Magic Reusable Sheet Mask, $15

We all have that pal whose skin-care collection rivals Sephora shelves, which is why you'll want to give them something brand, spankin' new that they likely haven't tried yet. "Even if they already have a skin-care routine they love, you can help them take it to the next level," says Alba. "We just launched the Honest Beauty Magic Reusable Silicone Mask ($15), which was designed to lock in their favorite serums and moisturizers in a more sustainable way." And to kick things up a notch? She suggests pairing it with the Vanity Planet Aira Ionic Facial Steamer ($62) to take anyone's at-home facials to the next level.

Want more wellness tips from Jessica Alba? Check out the video below.

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