What to Gift Every Member of Your Wellness-Obsessed Friend Group

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Having a squad of go-to friends that you Pilates it up with on Saturday mornings is a rare find—which is why it's all the more important you gift them the wellness treats they deserve. (Can we get an amen?)

Nailing the ultimate present for the wellness-oriented women in your life can be a tough feat, but before you start scouring the internet in search of that "one shirt she said she liked a couple months ago," don't.  

Kohl’s has—yup going to say it—everything you can think of across the wellness spectrum. From the warmest (and trendiest) activewear to cozy home accessories to the self-care items you need around the holidays, we rounded it up all for you (and there's probably something for you in here, too).

Keep scrolling for the wellness gifts to add to your growing shopping list.

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