The Exact Gifts I’m Buying Everyone on My List, Based on Their Wellness Personality

I'm the type of person who makes my Christmas shopping list very early—we're talking like, September or October early. And it's not just because my Buddy-the-Elf-levels of love for the holidays get me that excited to start shopping (though that definitely has something to do with it), it's also because I don't love the stress that can often accompany the season.

In an effort to avoid it for the sake of my mental health, I've sworn off last-minute shopping (hence my way-too-early gift list) so, naturally, I already have almost all my gifts picked out—and I've begun to identify a theme. With the way the past couple years have weighed on all of us, I wanted to share gifts that would feel both meaningful and useful in helping the people on my list de-stress and take care of themselves.

Earlier this year when I was having trouble sleeping, I tried multiple products from NEOM's line of essential-oil-based well-being boosters, and when I tell you I genuinely fell in love with them, I mean it. Since they helped me so much, I decided to share a few of my favorites with the people on my gift list to spread some holiday cheer with a side of self care (it helps that you can get 20 percent off with code W&GHoliday from Nov. 5 to Dec. 10!). Keep reading to see which wellness holiday gifts I picked out, unless you're one of my friends or family members—then don't keep reading or you'll spoil the surprise!

Scroll down for the wellness holiday gifts I'm getting for everyone on my list.

wellness holiday gifts

For my fitness-loving friend

One of my dearest friends is also my fitness accountability partner—I can always count on her to try new classes with me, to motivate me, and to celebrate my little victories. Since we both count fitness as self care, we work out... a lot, and can always benefit from extra recovery.

My no-brainer, first-choice gift for her? Perfect Night's Sleep Magnesium Body Butter, which is truly one of the best things I have ever put on my body. The English lavender, sweet basil, and jasmine smell amazing, and the added magnesium is great for supporting better sleep (which is key for workout recovery) and helping sore muscles relax.

To round out her gift, I'm snagging her NEOM's new Super Shower Power Cleanser, because let's be honest—people who work out a lot, shower a lot, and this body wash is fragranced with spearmint, rosemary, and eucalyptus to help her start her day feeling energized.

For my friend who loves the holidays

My best friend loves the holidays even more than I do (if you can believe it). When we were roommates in New York City we would decorate our apartment immediately after Thanksgiving, complete with a real tree. We'd buy it on the street corner and sing Christmas carols the whole way carrying it home—yes, we were those people.

Now that we don't live together anymore, I wanted her gift to remind her of some of those happy times we shared together, which is why I picked out NEOM's two limited-edition holiday candles just for her. Christmas Wish smells like cinnamon and citrus (to create a warming, relaxing atmosphere), and Perfect Peace is like the song "Silent Night" in candle form (with pine, myrrh, and lime peel essential oils for an uplifting, head-clearing scent).

Plus, the packaging is gorgeous, and comes with sweet sayings like "be kind to your mind" and "calmer mind, happier you" on the gold foil-embossed boxes, which is an added touch to make them super giftable. Pro tip: Snag these now for your holiday-loving friends, and let them open their gifts early so they can enjoy the scents for the whole season.

For the mom of four

My older sister has four kids under 12 years old, so needless to say, things are a bit hectic at her house and she doesn't get a lot of R&R time. When she recently told me that she's been having trouble falling asleep—despite feeling exhausted at the end of the day—I immediately thought of two of my go-to NEOM products.

I keep my Wellbeing Pod on my nightstand and fill it with sleep-supporting essential oils whenever I need an extra good night's sleep (which is pretty much all the time), so I knew it could help my sister out as much as it's helped me. The trouble is going to be deciding whether to get her the original or the new Luxe version that's designed to scent larger spaces and could make her whole house smell like a Zen den (or, as Zen as it can with four rambunctious kiddos running around).

I'm also going to throw in a Sleep Mist for her to spray on her pillow to help lull her to sleep once she finally gets a chance to lie down for the day. My personal favorite scent is Perfect Night's Sleep (it's the same fragrance as my beloved Magnesium Body Butter), but it also comes in Bedtime Hero for people who prefer scents of chamomile, ylang ylang, and cedarwood over lavender. Trust me—any mom (or really anyone who could use some extra sleep support) will love you for adding these gifts to their well-being toolkit.

For the wellness newbie

Last but definitely not least on my list is my own mom. She's not as well-versed in wellness as I am, so she always appreciates any insights I can share with her. The first wellness holiday gift I thought of for her was the Wellbeing Pod Mini, which is super easy to use because you can plug a bottle of essential oils directly into the base and you're ready to go—no water or plugging in wires required. I thought it would be a nice touch for her desk at her office, where she can diffuse some stress-relieving scents to support her throughout her day.

To encourage her to incorporate wellness into her routine more often by making time for self care, I also grabbed her a Real Luxury Intensive Skin Treatment Candle. I personally love the ritual of lighting the candle, taking a few deep breaths, and enjoying the scents while waiting for the wax to melt (my mom has been wanting to get into meditation, so I thought this could be a great companion to her practice). Once the wax has melted, you drizzle it on your skin, and massage in the nourishing oils like baobab and jojoba for a super-soft skin treatment. And people at any phase of their wellness journey can always appreciate soft skin, a deliciously scented candle, and a quiet moment.

Photos: NEOM

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